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Summary for Torre Bellesguard Castle House

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"Torre Bellesguard Castle House"

Private residence, ornate garden, guided house tour. Remodelled by Antoni Guadi, including medieval castle ruins of Martin I the Humane, King of Aragon.

Address: Carrer de Bellesguard 20, Barcelona. 08022

Summary of prices for Torre Bellesguard Castle House

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual 10.00 Euros Over 65 years, 8.00 Euros
Child 8.00 Euros Under 8 Years old free
Group/Family Ticket: See Website.
Notes: Check website for opening hours.
Free day:

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About Torre Bellesguard Castle House

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The site consists of the walls of an old castle that was the residence of Martin I the Humane, King of Aragon, Valencia, Sardinia and Corsica and Count of Barcelona from 1396 and King of Sicily from 1409. At the time of his death in 1410, all of Martin's legitimate descendants, born of his marriage with Queen Maria, were already dead. His second marriage did not produce any children, Only an illegitimate grandson, Frederick, Count of Luna, a natural son of Martin the Younger, and an illegitimate daughter. All ineligible for succession due to the rules established during the times of James I the Conqueror. The king, despite his desire and some effort, was unable to obtain sufficient confirmation of Frederick as his successor prior to his death.

Within the medieval walls sits a house constructed by Gaudi between 1900 and 1909. Gaudi drew inspiration for Casa Figueras from the medieval castle that once stood on the same site, built for the King of Aragon in the early 15th century. When the King of Aragon died without an heir in 1410, his widow, Margaret of Prades, inherited the estate. Following her death, the castle fell into decline and was passed from hand to hand over centuries until Jaume Figueres purchased the estate in 1900.

When Jaume Figueres and his wife, Maria Sagues Molins, commissioned Gaudi for the project in 1900, all that remained of the initial structure were a few walls and the patio. Still, Gaudi was aware of the important history this location so he worked to preserve the medieval spirit of the ruins repairing the outer castle walls. Gaudi sought to blend the construction with its natural surroundings, hence the exterior is made with stone slate. Gaudi's decorative elements resonate with the natural surroundings together with the usual gothic characteristics. The facade of the structure is still best understood as neogothic, though there is no denying the modernist elements in the actual Torre Bellesguard. Gaudi designed the home in a period where he himself was still developing his unique style. For instance, while the building displays Gaudi's iconic mosaic detailing and incorporation of natural elements, it does not include Moorish accents and bright colours (aside from the stripes on the tower cross), which are key distinctive characteristics in much of his later works.

Gaudi was given free rein to design and construct what was intended as a second home for the Jaume family, however this freedom bestowed to the artist later proved disastrous for the family. Figueres died before the construction had finished, leaving the responsibility of overseeing the final construction to his wife, who grew increasingly frustrated with constant delays due to Gaudi's obsessive detailing. While the months Gaudi dedicated to placing trencadis (his iconic mosaic detailing) on the structure are part of what makes the home so beautiful today, the process added such significant time and cost to the construction that Molins was never actually able to live in the home and even had to sell it to avoid bankruptcy.

The house changed hands for several years until the Guilera family purchased the home in 1944 and has continued to own. When Lluis Guilera Molas first bought Casa Figueres in 1944, the doctor intended to convert the building into a modernist hospital, similar to Sant Pau, dedicated to cancer treatment and research. The building continued to serve medical purposes following Lluis' death in 1969 when his son, Lluis Guilera Soler, a gynecologist and obstetrician, inherited the home and hospital. Several Barcelona citizens were born in Casa Figueres until 1974 when the site of the hospital relocated to a more accessible area better suited to medical needs. From that point on, the building has served the purpose that Gaudi always intendeded as a private home.

For the past 30 years, the Guilera family has left the gates open permitting guests to stroll the gardens and observe the home's exquisite exterior. Over the years, they received countless requests from visitors to explore inside the home and enjoy Gaudi's more modernist interior detailing. Due to the popular demand from visitors as well as the family's realization that restoration was necessary, the Guilera family began plans to open their home to the public in 2009. The family officially began inviting tours in September 2013, offering access to the interior accompanied by explanations of the history and architecture.

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Visiting Torre Bellesguard Castle House

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Torre Bellesguard is still a private home. Access to the interior only includes the wonderfully mosaic staircase, what was the smoking room on the first floor, the attic with the brick arches, the roof terrace, the stables and the garden. The revenue generated from the ticket sales is used to assist in preserving the house.

Torre Bellesguard visiting hours for English language tours

Tuesday's to Sunday's: 11:00h and 13:00h.

Closed: Monday's; 1st and 6th of January; 25th and 26th of December.

It is recommended to book in advance as places are limited. Tours are available in Spanish or Catalan at other hours of the day.

Getting To Torre Bellesguard Castle House

Nearest FGC is Avenida Tibidabo on the brown (L7) line.

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