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Summary for Castelldefels Castle and park

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"Castelldefels Castle and park"

Restored coastal castle dating from the 10th Century and last remodelled at end of the 19th century with spectacular Noble floor main hall and Church.

Address: Plaza del Castell 1, Castelldefels. 08860

Summary of prices for Castelldefels Castle and park

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual 10.00 Euros Age 11-16 years, Over 65 years, 7.00 Euros
Child Zone 1 T-casual Free For under 10 years
Group/Family Ticket: Groups of 10+ people. 7.00 Euros per person
Notes: Guided tours on Sundays. Spanish at 10h and Catalan at 11h.
Free day:

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About Castelldefels Castle and park

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Castelldefels Castle is on the coastal plain between the Garraf massif and Barcelona city. The church inside dates from the 10th century and is the oldest part of the castle built on Iberian and Roman remains.

The Castle served for centuries for the territorial and defensive control of the city against Arab invasions, and between the 16th and 17th centuries, against the attacks of Barbary pirates.

In 1897 Manuel Girona, a Catalan banker and politician, bought and restored the Castle, which was in a state of ruins. During the civil war it was used as a military training center by the republican authorities and, later, the church became a barracks for international brigade members and a prison for deserters.

The main rooms and spaces of the castle.

The Santa Maria de Castelldefels church: Documented for the first time in 976, constitutes the oldest space in the whole of the Castle. Count Sunyer entrusts it to the monastery of Sant Cugat, at a time when Castelldefels was a border land with the Muslim Caliphate of Cordoba. Built on Iberian and Roman remains, it contains graffiti on its walls of the witnesses of the military prison of international brigade members during the civil war.

Models Room: Next to the church is filled with eight models of the castle transformations from the 14th century to current day.

The noble floor: Made up of different rooms occupied by the wealthy family of the castle.

The Institutional room or Noble room: The most remarkable room in the castle and preserves the appearance of its last restoration in 1897 by architect Enric Sagnier under the orders of Manuel Girona when he acquired the castle. The noble room was used for festivals and celebrations of the Catalan bourgeoisie of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The room include a stone and plaster fireplace decorated with plant motifs, wooden wainscoting reminiscent of medieval times and high ceiling with wood carving decorations.

The Fencing room: Decorated with paintings from the 18th century and restored at the end of the 19th. It has a large window with views of a tower from 1734 and the Garraf Natural Park. The room is decorated with popular phrases.

The Dining room and kitchen: Is where the Noble family dined. The Kitchen contains a coal fired Range oven.

Roof terrace viewpoint: Is the last space on the tour route and has wonderful views of the coast, Town of Castelldefels, Barcelona and Garraf Natural Park.

Historic photos of Castelldefels Castle and park.

Historic Castelldefels Castle Restored Castelldefels Castle C.1900

Restored Castelldefels Castle C.1900

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Visiting Castelldefels Castle and park

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The church is an audio visual display space that details the history and motive for building a castle at this location. Also explained is the use of the castle as the barracks for the international brigade (foreign soldiers) that fought on the side of the Government during the Spanish civil war of 1936 to 1939.

Also on the ground floor is a series of rooms dedicated to an audio visual walk through exhibition of the barbery pirates that raided the coastline taking slaves and plunder.

TIP: Take headphones with 3.5mm jack to best enjoy the audio comentary.

castelldefels castle opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00h to 19:00h.

Closed: monday's.

Note: Winter opening times are normally only on a Sunday.

Getting To Castelldefels Castle and park

To get to Castelldefels use the Renfe RODALIES service catching a R2 or R2 Sud train From Estacio de Franca, paseo de Gracia or Sants.

Because it is Zone 1, use 1 trip from the Tcasual Zone 1 travel Card.

Weather for Castelldefels

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Castelldefels Rail Map PDF: Castelldefels Rail Map
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Castelldefels Rodalies Map PDF: Castelldefels Rodalies Map

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