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Pyrenees hiking via Serra De Montgrony from Toses to Planoles

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Updated: 13 Oct 2021

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

"Toses to Planoles via Serra De Montgrony"

Summary: 13 Km walk from Toses to Planoles via Serra de Montgreny mountain ridgeline giving spectacular 360 panoramic views descending and climbing to each peak.

Address: Estacio de RENFE, Toses. 17536

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult € 21.00 FREE
Child € 21.00 FREE
Group/Family Ticket: Consult Renfe Rodalies website for child fares.
Notes: Walk is free, Return train tickets costs 21.00 Euros.
Free day:


About Toses to Planoles via Serra De Montgrony:

Is a mountain ridgeline and natural park in the pyrenees that sits between the towns of Ribes de Freser, toses and planoles. This is a 13km MEDIUM or MEDIUM-HARD walking route starting at Renfe Toses on the R3 Rodalies line and terminating at Planoles Renfe one stop along the same R3 roadalies railway line.

This route provides spectacular views of the high pirineo mountain tops and ski resorts. Allow 7-9 hours to complete the route. A MEDIUM level of fitness is required. Also sturdy and grippy hiking boots are also required as the path down off the mountain is steep and in some places slippery.

The route passes via multiple viewpoints: Serrat de Paravent, hammer Stone monument, La Emperadora, Costa Pubilla, Tossal Meians, a bunker

Both stations have a small cafe at the platform for food. Time management is requred to ensure arrival at Planoles before the last train.

Getting To Toses to Planoles via Serra De Montgrony:

Take the R3 Renfe Rodalies train to Toses and return from Planoles station on the same line.

Weather for Toses:

There are 2 PDF files for Toses to Planoles via Serra De Montgrony:

Tosses to Planoles Train Map PDF: Tosses to Planoles Train Map
Author: Barcelona Travel Hacks
Tosses to Planoles Rodalies Map PDF: Tosses to Planoles Rodalies Map

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