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Pyrenees Vall De Nuria Racked Railway and Queralbs village

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Updated: 13 Oct 2021

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"Vall De Nuria Racked Railway and Queralbs"

Summary: Cremallera de Nuria is a racked mountain railway from Ribes de Freser to Nuria Resort via the village of Queralbs. Nuria Resort is 5km from the French border.

Address: Estacio de Muntanya, Vall de Nuria. 17534

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult € 33.60 FREE
Child € 33.60 FREE Child fare applies to 7-14 year olds.
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: To buy tickets online visit
Free day:


About Vall De Nuria Racked Railway and Queralbs:

According to legend, San Gil, born in Athens, was appointed bishop of Nimes. He carved the image of the Virgin Mary while living in the valley, between the years 700 to 703AD. In 1072 a man named Amadeu came from Dalmatia to search for relics of Mary. Shepherds knew the tradition of San Gil and helped him to raise a modest chapel (the origin of the sanctuary). In the early twentieth century Nuria started to be known for mountaineering and winter sports in Catalunya.

In 1919 The transpirinenc railway Barcelona to Puigcerda line arrived at Ribes de Freser. In 1928 the construction of the Rack Railway began. On the 30th December 1930 the first locomotive reached Nuria and the line was inaugurated 22nd March 1931.

There are 4 Nearby Attractions:

Visiting Vall De Nuria Racked Railway and Queralbs:

The Cremallera de Nuria, Nuria rack railway starts at Ribes Enlace which is the interconnect with the Ribes de Freser Renfe R3 railway station.

The Line pases over the main road and river via a stone arched viaduct bridge and arrives at Ribes Vila. This station is in the centre of Ribes de Freser town. Next to the station in the old railway shed is the Cremallera museum with old rolling stock on display.

The railway departs Ribes Vila and gadually climbs to Querlabs station. Queralbs is a pretty mountain village with stone houses, beutiful church and grat restaurants. Up to Queralbs the railway is not racked because the incline does not need a cogged wheel drive.

After departing Queralbs the train slows down on a secion of the track and the driver anounces that there will be a short bump as the cog wheel engages in the rack that runs between the two rails. From here the incline increases as the train enters a series of short tunnels that take it into the Vall de Nuria river valley.

The train climbs the Vall de Nuria river valley passing many waterfalls and short tunnels before arriving at Nuria resort station via a track that runs parralel to the artificially created Nuria lake.

The journey time between Ribes Enlac and Nuria Resort is about 40 minutes.

Nuria resort and the Vall de Nuria Cremallera racked railway normally close each year between November and mid December for annual maintenance and to switch the resort over from summer operation to winter operation.

about 2 minutes walk from the Renfe Train station in Ribes de Freser is Bar Gusi which serves snacks and drinks all day.

Getting To Vall De Nuria Racked Railway and Queralbs:

Take the Renfe R3 Rodalies train to Ribes de Freser and use the Vall de Nuria Cremallera to get to Nuria Resort

Train fares and times for the Cremallera racked railway can be found on the Vall de Nuria website. A combined Renfe and Cremallera ticket is available, TreNatura which is considerably cheaper than buying the tickets individually.

The combined Renfe + Cremallera return ticket called TreNatura can be purchased from any Renfe Rodalies ticket machine or purchased online. Note that the combined return ticket will print out two tickets. One is for the Renfe segment and one for the cremallera segment. When you get to Ribes de Freser you have to swap the cremallera ticket at the Nuria cremallera ticket office for a barcode ticket that can be used on the cremallera ticket machines.

Weather for Queralbs:

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Nuria Cremallera Information PDF: Nuria Cremallera Information
Nuria Cremalera Timetable PDF: Nuria Cremalera Timetable
Nuria Resort Facilities Map PDF: Nuria Resort Facilities Map

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