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Summary for Cadaques Beach Town

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"Cadaques Beach Town"

Romantic picturesque whitewashed beach town and fishing village with Salvador Dali house museum.

Address: Estacion de Autobuses, Carrer de Sa Tarongeta 29, Cadaques. 17488

Summary of prices for Cadaques Beach Town

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult 49.00 Euros
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: Beach is free, Return bus costs 49.00 Euros.
Free day:

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About Cadaques Beach Town

Views: 316. Updated: Oct 6, 2021 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

A town that is considered to be the jewel of the costa brava dates back thousands of years and first documents show the town existing from before 814AD. The town is a fishing and trading port visited by Greek, Sardinian, Egyptian and other Mediterranean vessels.

later historical documents from 74AD and 1030AD list the town's main activities as fishing and farming. The town is very remote and located on a very rocky and barren peninsula called Cap de Creus so the local population were worried about pirates and Corsairs.

in the 1960's the town became a popular tourist location and fishing and agriculture has all but been abandoned.

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Visiting Cadaques Beach Town

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The town became popular with artists who were attracted by the beauty of its rugged and rocky landscape. Many painters and writers visited Cadaques before it was made famous by Salvador Dali, who lived in Cadaques. His house is today The Dali house museum in the bay of port Lligat.

The town centre has narrow streets with whitewashed buildings and many small boutique clothes stores. Many of the buildings have purple and pink flowering vines which is especially beautiful in the spring and early summer.

The Santa Maria de Cadaques church is also worth a visit and because of its views over the town. The church is not a tourist attraction but visits inside are possible if you go outside of mass hours.

Inside the town and along the seafront are many restaurants specialising in seafood and fish dishes and local wines. I don't have a favourite restaurant in Cadaques because they are all amazing but last time I was there I ate in talla Restaurant.

Getting To Cadaques Beach Town

There are two ways to get to Cadaques on public transport:

Moventis-Sarfa bus from Barcelona airport or Estacion del Nord (near arc de Triumfo) to Cadaques. This is a 2 hour and 45 minute bus ride.

Train to Figueres and Moventis-Sarfa bus use either a Regional train service (2 hours, 15 minutes) or High- speed train (50 minutes) to get from Barcelona to Figueres. At Figueres change onto a Moventis-Sarfa bus that takes an additional 1 hour to get to figueres.

Note: The Figueres bus station is not next to the train stations but in the centre of town so a small walk is needed if you use the regional service to Figueres station. The high-speed Figueres-vilafant station is outside of the town centre on the outskirts so a long walk or taxi ride would be needed to get to interconnect with Figueres bus station.

Bus times and prices vary depending on season so book your seat on the bus via the Moventis Website.

Weather for Cadaques

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