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Attractions in Barcelona Metropolitan area under 10 Euros

29 things to do and see

Attractions within Barcelona or cheap day trips on a budget of under 10 euros including Gaudi attractions, Museums, historic houses & walking trails

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Description of buget of Under 10 Euros

Barcelona is a relatively low-cost tourist destination and, on this page, I have listed some inexpensive things to do and see in Barcelona for under 10 euros.

Many of Barcelona's Museums have entry prices under 10 Euros and generous family and group discounts. Torre Bellesguard is a Gaudí attraction in Barcelona for under 10 euros. Other Notable museums are the Pedralbes Monastery and CosmoCaixa Science Museum. Castelldefels castle which is a 20-minute train ride outside of Barcelona centre but inside transport Zone 1 is also worth a visit. Casteldefells platja beach is also in transport zone 1 and wort a visit in the summer because of the natural wide beaches and clear blue water.

Adding to the ten euro or less days out in Barcelona, there are a series of walks in the La Gariga to Figaro area about 1 hours train ride from Barcelona. The walks are free and the return train fare comes in at under 10 Euros. Heading south from Barcelona, Sitges is a beach town 35 minutes train from Barcelona and has several low-cost museums (under 10 Euros) with the train fare to Sitges being less than 10 euros return. Another beach destination to the north of Barcelona is Santa Pol de Mar with return train fare being 10 Euros.

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