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Parc Laberint d'Horta maze Garden Oldest Barcelona Park

Info for visiting & exploring Parc Laberint Horta with the hedge maze in Barcelona behind the Desvalls palace. Hidden Gem park

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About Parc Laberint Horta

The Horta labrynth park, Parc del laberint d'Horta is a historical garden dating from the 18th century, and is the oldest garden in Barcelona. Along with Tamarit Gardens I consider this to be one of the most beautiful parks or gardens in Barcelona city.

The park is constructed in a neoclassical style and contains a hedge maze in the centre of the park. The park has a romantic charm and is also a great for visiting with children.

The park is located on the foothills of the Collserola range on the edge of Barcelona city in the Horta Guinardo neighbourhood. Next to the park is the Velodrome that was constructed for cycling events in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic games.

Parc Laberint d'Horta History

A the time, the Desvalls Estate with its palace was located in the municipality of Sant Joan d'Horta outside of medieval Barcelona. Sant Joan de Horta was absorbed by the city in 1904.

Parc del Labrinto de Horta is located on the former estate of the Desvalls family. It comprises an 18th-century neoclassical garden and a 19th-century romantic garden plus a hedge maze on the intermediate level.

Work on the gardens started in 1791 when Marquis Joan Antoni Desvalls i d'Ardena, sixth Marquis of Llupià, created the design of a neoclassical garden.

Italian architect Domenico Bagutti was tasked with building a cypress maze with a statue of Eros in the centre. The builder was Jaume y Andreu Valls and the French gardener Joseph Delvalet.

Surrounding the maze are two pergolas with statues of Danae and Artemis and beautiful Tuscan columns. In the middle of the maze harden balcony is a mossy fountain.

In the mid-19th century, the descendants of the marquis hired architect Elies Rogent to expand the park. Rogent created the upper romantic garden with flower beds, gazebos, huge trees, a pond and a waterfall. A water canal was also added to the garden, connecting the upper terrace and neoclassical pavilion to the intermediate garden where the maze is located.

In 1967 the Desvalls family handed over the park to the city of Barcelona, who opened to the public in 1971. Ample restoration works were carried out in 1994 with the financial support of the European Union.

Today, the Palace houses the municipal library and learning centre dedicated to gardening and landscaping. Its collection also includes topics related to botany, garden design, flora and floriculture, arboriculture, parks and gardens in Barcelona and around the world, and other related subjects such as ecology, environment, biodiversity or horticulture.

Visiting Parc Laberint Horta

The Desvalls Palace has a walled domestic garden that is not open to the public but can be viewed through the railings of the gate.

The park is currently a garden-museum limited to 750 visitors inside to preserve the delicate environment and structures of the area.

The layout of the park starts with the old house and private walled garden. Immediately behind is the 18th-century neoclassical garden with the maze sitting behind this. The upper and outer areas contain the 19th-century romantic garden.

I would allow at least two to three hours to explore Laberint d'Horta park and gardens.

Laberint d'Horta Opening Hours

What to take with you for Parc Laberint Horta

The Horta Labyrinth bans entry with bicycles and skates and ball games are not allowed.

The park consists of various terraced levels interconnected via ramps and steps with a mixture of gravel and paved paths.

Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 2.23 disability discount 1.42 € Child T-familiar FREE under 14 years oldGroup/Family Ticket? See Website.Notes Free Entry Wednesday & Sunday.

Getting to Parc Laberint Horta

Address: Passeig Castanyers 1, Barcelona. 08035

Nearest TMB METRO is Mundet on the Green (L3) line. Walk via the Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron toward the Horta Velodrome and look out for a concrete footbridge crossing over the top of the road. at the top of the footbridge you will see the Desvalls palace. The entrance to the gardens is to the left of the palace gates.

See the map in the documents section.

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