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A Guide for Visiting the French Pyrenees

4 things to do and see

The Regional Park of the Catalan Pyrenees in southern France is a nature escape of cultural heritage & breathtaking hiking trails with spa hotels for recovery

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Description of French Pyrenees

The Regional Park of the Catalan Pyrenees, Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées catalanes, is a mountainous territory in the Catalan region of France, bordering Spain and and the principality of Andorra ranging from three-hundred metres to three-thousand metres of altitude above sea level.

The region consists of three districts: Capcir (Le Capcir), Cerdanya (La Cerdagne) and Alto-Conflent (Le Haut-Conflent) over a total land area of 1371.0km² with only twenty three thousand inhabitants in sixty-four towns and villages. Capcir is a mountain landscape made of large forested areas, lakes and snow covered peaks. Cerdanya is a wide high plain where you can see grazing herds and flowery meadows in spring and snow-covered plains in winter. Alto-Conflent (nearest the sea) has a Mediterranean climate with terraced valleys, vegetable gardens and irrigation canals.

The Regional Park of the Catalan Pyrenees is a ecologically diverse nature haven hosting more than 240 protected species and is also used for green energy production with the Lac des Bouillouses hydro-electric plant, Themis solar power plant, Odeillo solar furnace and geothermal energy from hot natural springs.

Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées catalanes is also rich in cultural heritage of Romanesque and Baroque churches as well as fortified frontier towns of Mont-Louis and Villefranche-de-Conflent who's forts are now listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Running through the middle of the natural park from Latour-de-Carol to Villefranche-de-Conflent is a scenic world famous 1910 narrow gauge railway called the Yellow Train that traverses a sixty-three kilometre route serving twenty-two stations.

On this page I focus on cultural sites and hiking activities as well as Natural spa's for recuperation from the challenging hiking territory.

Happy Exploring!

French Pyrenees Thermal Baths

The French Eastern Pyrenees region is famous for the many natural springs of sulphurous water on which several thermal bath complexes have been built.

    Health benefits associated with sulphur hot springs:
  1. Reducing stress and increasing production of endorphin's
  2. Physical and mental relaxation which helps promote sleep
  3. Stimulation of the immune system, increasing immunity
  4. Naturally relieving pain
  5. antifungal and antibacterial properties that can soothe and even help heal the skin

Attractions in French Pyrenees

Map of French Pyrenees


Latitute: 41.4 Longitude: 2.2 Zoom Level: 11

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