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Visiting the Castles of Catalonia

20 things to do and see

Medieval Castles, fortified palaces & buildings associated with the civil war in Barcelona & Catalunya plus some unknown hidden gems

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Description of Civil War & Castles

Catalonia is a land that has been fought over throughout the centuries leaving a series of fortresses, castles, bunkers and prisons in strategic locations. Discovering Catalonia's historic past through it s castles is enchanting and sometimes a light workout that often ends with some breath taking views.

Catalunya is on the frontier of the Spanish kingdom where the border with France has moved several times. As a result of this the Girona region of Catalunya has many frontier fortresses. Additionally, Catalonia has a long coastline, so almost every coastal town and port has a medieval castle. The Romans also built fortifications everywhere they settled (conquered). See the Roman Ruins theme page for more about the Roman settlements.

Brief history of rule in Catalonia

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