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Things to do and see in El prat de Llobregat & Castelldefels

4 things to do and see

Baix Llobregat is the delta area of the Llobregat river and covers towns such as El prat (airport), Castelldefels beach & town plus a nature reserve

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Description of El Prat & Castelldefels

Baix Llobregat is the area that covers the lower Llobregat river and delta including the towns of El prat de Llobregat and Castelldefels. El Prat is the town adjacent to the Barcelona airport and it is residential and light industrial. It is from El Prat that we can access the Delta Llobregat natural park and El prat beach.

Castelldefels is a town of two parts: Castelldefels Platja which is the beach town which is residential, holiday apartments and hotels. It has many great seafood resturants and beach chirringuitos with lively nightlife in the summer. Castelldefels town centre is a little inland and is residential with a great castle museum.

Note: Castelldefels Platja and Castelldefels (town centre) are two seperate stops on the R2 Rodalies train line so don't get them mixed up if your visiting the castle or the beach!

Castelldefels Platja is only 20 minutes by train from the centre of Barcelona and has much better beaches and restaurants compared to Barcelona beaches. I recommend it as an alternative to the beaches in Barcelona and it is normally where I go. Additionally, Castelldefels has a lot less beach vendors and no issues of beach crime and bag theft which plague the Barcelona beaches, Especially in Barceloneta.

If planning a holiday to Barcelona and you are put off by prices for accomodation, consider a town like Castelldefels Platja as a base and commute into Barcelona to visit the popular attractions. Note that there is a night bus service to and from Castelldefels Platja from Plaça Catalunya.

For more details about the attractions in Casteeldefells and El Prat de Llobregat click on the photos below.

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Attractions in El Prat & Castelldefels

Map of El Prat & Castelldefels


Latitute: 41.4 Longitude: 2.2 Zoom Level: 11

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