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Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

Built as a TV transmission hub for the 1992 Olympic venues. One floor is a panoramic viewpoint. Tickets and visit info

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About Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

Torre Collserola is a Hilltop Telecommunications tower with a visitor space on one floor of the unusual pod shaped design, offering city wide 360 degree panoramic views via the floor to ceiling windows. El Mirador de Collserola.

Collserola tower was designed by architect Sir Norman Foster and Spanish civil Engineers Julio Martínez Calzón and Manuel Julia Vilardell. The motivation to build the Collserola tower was to provide a central point to give Barcelona city and surrounding areas full TV coverage with no black spots from any of the small hills. Also it served as a hub to relay the 1992 Olympic games to the whole world via satellite uplink.

Unusual about it's design is that on each floor are racks of telecoms equipment for the point to point and cellular systems with the antennas on the outside platforms of the structure.

The TV transmissions are generated in the basement level and relayed to the needle like TV antenna at the top of the tower via RF feeder cables.