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FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Vallvidrera Bus to Tibidabo

1906 mountain railway from lower station at Peu del Funicular to Vallvidrera village near Tibidabo which is reachable via short 10 min bus ride or 30 min walk

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About FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus

Funicular de Vallvidrera, in combination with the 111 TMB bus, is the cheapest way to get to Tibidabo. Alternatively the Bus can be skipped and the walk to Tibidabo from Vallvidrera takes about 20 minutes.

Vallvidrera Funicular can be considered a tourist attraction in it's own right because of the spectacular views of Barcelona city.

Alternative methods to get to Tibidabo are the expensive Tibidabo Funicular.

History of the Vallvidrera Funicular

In 1906 the company running the Sarria railway, Now part of the FGC valles lines, got the contract to build a Funicular Railway, 736 metres long, to link the old village of Vallvidrera with Barcelona and save having to climb up the slope between the Vallvidrera road and the village.

The Funicular is a cable railway with the descending car serving as counterweight for the ascending car, both being linked by a cable, thus the electric motor is only lifting the difference in weight between the passengers in the descending and ascending cars.

The funicular de Vallvidera journey time is a short trip of a few minutes from the lower station - Vallvidrera inferior (which interconnects with Peu de Funicular) and Valvidrera superior (the upper station in vallvidrera village.

The upper station has a noteworthy station building with curvy lines and central European decoration. It was designed and built by the architect Bonaventura Conill.

The funicular offers some spectacular views of the city, which get better as you climb towards Vallvidrera.

The funicular operates automatically (driverless train) after being remodelled in 1998

Visiting FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus

The funicular links Pau de Funicular at the bottom with Valvidrera Superior at the top. There is a request stop half way up that exits onto Carratera de Aigües, a popular walking, running and cycling trail. To request that the funicular stops when at Carratera de Aigües, there are buttons next to the platform edge doors and you must select the direction you wish to travel from Carratera de Aigües, i.e. push either Pau de Funicular (to go down) or Vallvidrera Superior (to go up).

The Bus stop for the 111 bus to Tibidabo is outside the upper station turning left upon exiting and walking 5 metres you will see the bus stop post.

TIP: Vallvidrera funicular station building has a patio above the platform which can be accessed once you exit the station. Turn left and walk back into the station by the stone arched portal. You will see some steps and a door that leads out onto this patio. This patio is a fantastic Vallvidrera Funicular viewpoint.

TIP: Snack up in Uaala! Gelateria Which has a range of organic ice-cream, empanadillas, cookies and sandwiches. Vegan options are available. You will see it opposite the bus stop. Take care crossing the road!

For Vallvidrera Funicular timetable information and maps see the Documentation section of this page.

What to take with you for FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus

You are permitted to take bulky items, such as push chairs, large bags etc on the Vallvidrera Funicular but they only permit two bicycles at a time.

Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 0.00 Child T-familiar € 0.00 Group/Family Ticket? See website for family & Group Travelcards.Notes T-Casual Zone 1

Getting to FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus

Address: Av. de Vallvidrera 72, Barcelona. 8017

  1. Start by taking a S1 or S2 FGC train from Plaça Catalunya, Provença (interchange with Metro Diagonal) or Gràcia FGC (Not Fontana Metro). The S1 and S2 trains run about every 10 minutes.
  2. The S1 or S2 FGC train takes about 15 minutes from Plaça Catalunya to Peu de Funicular. Note that it is worth not getting on the last carriage of the S1 or S2 FGC train because the platform at Peu de funicular station is very narrow for this carriage due to the platform being extended to fit the full length of the train and having to fit around the staircase.
  3. Transfer onto the Funicular de Vallvidrera At Peu de Funicular by exiting the platform by the stairs or lift. Turn 180 degrees to the left at the top of the stairs and take some more steps into the Vallvidrera funicular lower station.
  4. Once you have exited Vallvidrera superior station in Vallvidrera village, turn right and walk about five metres where you will find the bus stop post for the 111 TMB bus that goes to Tibidabo. The 110 bus runs about every 20 to 30 minutes and has a journey time of 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Alternatively, skip the bus and take a scenic walk to Tibidabo that should take about 20 minutes. See The wikiloc section for my suggested Tibidabo Itinery.
    1. Vallvidrera Funicular Tickets

      The FGC S1 and S2 lines, Funicular de Vallvidrera and TMB 111 Bus are all part of the Barcelona integrated fare system so count as one trip on a T-casual Zone 1 or Hola BCN travel card. No need to buy separate tickets for FGC S1 or S1, Funicular Vallvidrera or TMB 111 Bus.

      Vallvidrera Funicular Hours

      • Weekdays: first Departure 04:46h, Last departure 00:20h. Departures approx. every six minutes.
      • Weekends: first Departure 05:36h, Last departure 00:47h. Departures approx. every 6 to 15 minutes. Consult timetable in documents section for more details.
      • August 19th to 26th:first Departure 05:15h, Last departure 00:47h. Departures approx. every 6 to 10 minutes. Consult timetable in documents section for more details.

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Map of FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus


Latitute: 41.4 Longitude: 2.2 Zoom Level: 11

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