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TC2 Bus & Funicular Tibidabo (Cuca de Llum) From Plaza J.F. Kennedy

Cuca de Llum Funicular to Tibidabo Amusement park. Spain's first Funicular Railway, recently modernised. Info, History and Tickets

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About TC2 Bus & Funicular Tibidabo

Funicular de Tibidabo Railway, in combination with the TC2 bus, is the Most Expensive way to get to Tibidabo. it is not part of the Barcelona integrated fare system so a T-casual zone 1 or Hola BCN cannot be used to ride the Tibidabo funicular. It is, however, The quickest way to get to Tibidabo.

The Low cost method to get to Tibidabo is via the Vallvidrera Funicular & 111 Bus route.

To walk up to Tibidabo from Avenida Tibidbo, skipping the expensive Funicular, read about my Barcelona to Tibidabo Walking Route.

History of the Barcelona Tibidabo Funicular

Dr Salvador Andreu i Grau (Barcelona, 1841-1928) was a wealthy businessman who sold pharmaceutical products and decided to develop the land between Passeig de Sant Gervasi (passing via Plaza John F Kennedy).

The piano teacher of Salvador's children came back from a vacation in Switzerland with a brochure about a funicular trip he took there so Dr Salvador Andreu decided to form a company to build the First Funicular railway in Spain to go from his new housing estate to the Tibidabo summit and Parc d'Atraciones.

Bonaventura Roig i Queralt was the lead engineer and works commenced in 1900 with the railway making a test ascent on 3rd of July. The official inauguration was at the end of October once tuning of the cables was completed.

The first carriages were made of wood and had six compartments divided between first and second class, with a maximum capacity of 80 passengers. In 1958 the wooden carriages were replaced by metal ones. The metal carriages were decommissioned in autumn of 2019 to be replaced with the modern glass cabins.

The Tibidabo funicular modernisation was completed in the spring of 2022 and the new glass cabins with panoramic views have been rebranded as Cuca de Llum.

The funicular's route is 1,130 metres in length, and has an altitude gain of 275 metres between the lower and upper station.

History of the Barcelona Tram Blau

Barcelona's Blue Tram line (Tramvia Blau) was built at the instigation of Dr Salvador Andreu i Grau, to connect his residential project around the Avenida Tibidabo area to the Funicular de Tibidabo lower station in Plaza Doctor Andreu.

The Tramvia Blau started operating in 1901 undergoing refurbisments and modifications in 1922 and 1958.

In 1954, line 7 of the Barcelona FGC rail network arrived at Avinguda Tibidabo station under Plaza Kennedy via a spur branch from Gracia FGC station.

The blue tram operated for a distance of 1.276 kilometres as an isolated tram route between Avenida Tibidabo at plaza John F Kennedy to the lower Tibidabo Funicular station. Although part of the Barcelona integrated transport network it was not possible to ride it with T-casual zone 1 or Hola BCN travel card. You paid the conductor the five euro fare using real money!(coins or notes).

The blue tram has been CLOSED since 2018 with no recent information about refurbishment or re-opening.

The tram Blau route has been replaced with the TC2 interconnect bus (included in the Funicular ticket) or the TMB 196 bus (using T-casual or Hola BCN ticket).

Visiting TC2 Bus & Funicular Tibidabo

The Tibidabo Funicular refurbishment is complete and has been open since spring 2022. The historic old carriages have been replaced with modern panoramic glass cabins, Cuca de Llum.

Tram Blau remains closed for refurbishment and has been replaced with the TC2 bus service.

Funicular de Tibidabo Cuca de Llum ticket Options

One day passes for ALL the rides in the Amusement Park include the Cuca de Llum (Tibidabo Funicular)

One day passes for Emblematic Rides ONLY (Historic Rides) in the Amusement Park include the Cuca de Llum (Tibidabo Funicular)

The Panoramic Area inside Parc d'Atracciones is free access.

Return fares for only the Tibidabo Funicular (Cuca de Llum). Single fares are not sold!

Tickets can be purchased online using the Button bellow. Note that purchasing tickets online include the TC2 bus interconnect.

What to take with you for TC2 Bus & Funicular Tibidabo

Tram Blau is currently closed for refurbishment. The Tibidabo Funicular is now fully refurbished and open. As this is a tourist funicular to get to Tibidabo it is doubtful that bicycles would be permitted, but no restriction on pushchairs and hand baggage.

The Tibidabo funicular has recently been refurbished and opened last year and the website says that it offers discounts for those with disabilities.

Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 12.00 Combined amusement park tickets available Child € 1.25 € 6.00 Combined amusement park tickets availableGroup/Family Ticket? No.

Getting to TC2 Bus & Funicular Tibidabo

Address: Avenida Tibidabo 4 - Pl. Kennedy & Carrer de Queralt 20, Barcelona. 8020

From Plaça Catalunya FGC station, Provença (interchange with metro Blue line) or Gràcia FGC (not metro Fontana) Take a FGC brown line (L7) train to Av.Tibidabo. Trains run every 15 to 20 minutes approx.

Upon exiting Av.Tibidabo station into Plaça John F Kennedy cross the street into Avenida Tibidabo where you will see the bus stop for the TC2 bus in front of LUX&BURG restaurant.

The bus stop for the TMB 196 route is 20m further up Avenida Tibidabo.

Both the TC2 and TMB 196 busses terminate in Plaça del Doctor Andreu next to the Tibidabo Funicular (Cuca de Llum) Lower station.

Funicular de Tibidabo (Cuca de Llum) Hours

Tibidabo Funicular (Cuca de Llum) only operates when the Amusement park opens. This is typically from 10:15h until the Amusement park closes. Opening times for the Funicular and Amusement park vary depending on the season. Check using the button below.

Documents for TC2 Bus & Funicular Tibidabo

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Latitute: 41.4 Longitude: 2.2 Zoom Level: 11

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