Tram Blau and Funicular Tibidabo From Plaza J.F. Kennedy
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Tram Blau and Funicular Tibidabo From Plaza J.F. Kennedy

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Tram Blau and Funicular Tibidabo

Summary: 1901 Tram from Plaza Tibidabo to lower station of the Funicular de Tibidabo that goes to Tibidabo church and parc de atraciones. Tram closed for modernisation.

Address: Avenida Tibidabo 4 - Pl. Kennedy & Carrer de Queralt 20, Barcelona. 8020

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 12.00
Child € 1.25 € 12.00
Group/Family Ticket: No.
Free day:


About Tram Blau and Funicular Tibidabo:

This is the blue Tram that runs from Avenida Tibidabo at plaza John F Kennedy to the lower Funicular station for the Funicular (Carrer de Queralt 20, Barcelona. 08020) that goes to Tibidabo.

Dr Salvador Andreu i Grau (Barcelona, 1841-1928) was a wealthy buisnessman who sold pharmaceutical products and decided to develope the land between Passeig de Sant Gervasi (passing via Plaza John F Kennedy).

The piano teacher of Salvador's children came back from a vacation is switzerland with a brochure about a funicular trip he took there so Dr Salvador Andreu decided to form a company to build the first funicular railway in spain to go from his new housing estate to the Tibidabo summit.

Bonaventura Roig i Queralt was the lead engineer and works comenced in 1900 with the railway making a test ascent on 3rd of july with the official inauguration at the end of October once tuning of the cables was completed.

The first carriages were made of wood and had six compartments divided between first and second class, with a maximum capacity of 80 passengers. In 1958 the wooden carriages were replaced by metal ones. The metal carriages were decomissioned in autumn of 2019 to be replaced with the modern glass cabins.

The funicular's route is 1,130 metres in length, and has an incline of 275 metres between the lower and upper station.

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Visiting Tram Blau and Funicular Tibidabo:

The Tibidabo Funicular refurbishment is complete and is now open. The historic old carriages have been replaced with modern panoramic glass cabins. Return adult fares are 12 Euros. Single fares are not sold.

Tram Blau remains closed for refurbishment.

Getting To Tram Blau and Funicular Tibidabo:

Nearest Metro is Avenida Tibidabo on the FGC brown (L7) line that terminates with the exit to street level in Plaza John F Kennedy.

Included in the ticket price when booked online is a free transfer bus between plaza John F Kennedy and the lower funicular station.

Bus 196 departs from about 50 metres walk up Aveninda Tibidabo from plaza John F Kennedy just in front of where the tram blau used to stop. The bus terminates in Plaza Doctor Andreu at the foot of the Tibidabo Funicular.

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There are 2 PDf documents:

Metro map Funicular de Tibidabo

PDF: Metro map Funicular de Tibidabo

Rail map Av. Tibidabo FGC to Tibidabo

PDF: Rail map Av. Tibidabo FGC to Tibidabo
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BCN02 - Tibidabo

Circular route covering the attractions of Tibidabo - Funiculars Tibidabo and vallvidrera, Torre Collserola, Tibidabo church, Parc de Atracciones and Fabra Observatori.

Distance: 5.39 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: T-Casual Zone 1

Transport Network: Barcelona Metro

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