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Museu d'Història de Catalunya (MHCAT) - Catalonia History Museum

History of Catalonia Museum in Palau de Mar dock warehouse. Industrial building housing museum about stone age to present day. Multimedia exhibitions

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About History Of Catalunya Museum

The Museum of History of Catalonia, Museu d'Història de Catalunya (MHCAT), opened in 1996 and display the history of Catalonia from Hunter Gatherer tribes to the present day. The History of Catalonia Museum can be found in the Port Vell area, on the edge of the Barceloneta Neighbourhood and the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic).

Redevelopment work on the façade commenced 1991 prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. The museum is located in the old General Warehouses of Commerce (MGC) building known as the Palau de Mar which is the only conserved building of the old industrial port of Barcelona.

The Palau de Mar was designed in 1881 by the engineer Maurici Garrin, who was inspired by the English port buildings of the time. You can see the familiarity between the docks of London or Liverpool and the Palau de Mar in Barcelona.

The construction works began in 1885, on the old fishermen's beach, and was opened on July 1, 1902. The press of the time applauded the modernity of the facilities that incorporated elevators and conveyor belts. In the surroundings of the building, railways were built to facilitate the movement of merchandise within the port.

The old dock warehouses now house offices, bars, restaurants and the Museum of History of Catalonia.