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Hotel W Barceloneta & Sant Sebastià Beach

About Hotel W construction and Barcelona port breakwater. Learn to windsurf at Sant Sebastià beach

Updated: Jul 1, 2023 by: BarcelonaTravelHacks Views: 945

About Hotel W Barceloneta & Sant Sebastià Beach

Barcelona Hotel W in the Barceloneta area of Barcelona is known locally as the la vela or hotel Vela, because of its sail like shape. This shape produces some gusty winds on the south side on the walk along the sea wall of Barcelona port. The front (north side) has beach bars and leads onto Sant Sebastian Beach, Platja de Sant Sebastià.

The building was designed by Ricardo Bofill and stands on 7 hectares of land that was reclaimed from the sea and forms part of the new harbor sea wall for Barcelona port. Construction was completed in 2009.

There is some controversy surrounding its construction because it breaches Spanish law that states that no new buildings such as hotels can be constructed within 100m of the coastal (litoral) areas of Spain.

Additionally, The land is owned by the Port Authority of Barcelona, a public entity which should have made the bids public but the award method has not been made public.