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Sant Miquel Del Port Church Barceloneta fisherman's village

1755 Church and square in fisherman's village of Barceloneta. Built under the orders of Jaime de Guzmán-Dávalos y Spínola

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About Sant Miquel Del Port Church & Square

Sant Miquel del Port church, like all of Barceloneta was built under the orders of Jaime de Guzmán-Dávalos y Spínola, 2nd Marques of mines and capital of Catalunya. In 1749 The Marques gave the project to the engineer Juan Martín Cermeño, (a Lieutenant Coronel of the Army of Engineers) with the intention of distributing the houses to fishermen and dock workers. Juan Martín enlisted the help of Damià Ribas, civil architect for Barcelona who tasked the Engineer Francisco Paredes.

Construction began 3rd February 1753 with the laying of the first street stones. On the 8th of May construction begun on the Sant Miquel del Port church. After two years of construction the church was blessed by bishop Manuel López de Aguirre on the 28th of September 1755.

The church is located in Plaça de Barceloneta which has 2 tapas bars and a coffee shop and is a much better place to eat than the tourist traps on the main road.

bars and Restaurants in Plaça de Barceloneta