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Estació de França - Grand Train Station

Rebuilt for 1929 International Exhibition by architect Pedro Muguruza with grand concourse. Last remaining Mainline surface railway station in Barcelona

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About Estació de França - Grand Train Station

Barcelona França railway station, Estació de França was built in the 19th Century as the terminus for trains from France and services to North East Catalonia and the Costa Brava. Rebuilt and reopened for the 1929 International Exhibition, the two monumental buildings that make up the station were designed by the architect Pedro Muguruza and built by the engineer Andreu Muntaner. The Station was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII.

Estació de França is the second largest train station in Barcelona after Estació de Sants but the most important in terms of historic and monumental value.

the double metal canopy with stained glass windows stands out and illuminates the 12 platforms with natural light. The building is one of the most important examples of modernist iron architecture in Barcelona.

Another element of great beauty is the noucentista lobby with three large domes, designed by the architect Duran i Reynals, to promote the spaciousness of the building. The finish is of materials such as marble and bronze, both in the stately hall and in the rest of the construction. Estació de França was designed to be a grand station and is often compared to the Orsay station in Paris.

The station was closed for renovation between from 1988 and 1992, reopening for the Olympic Games of 1992. It is generally seen as the city's most beautiful station being the last of the surface mainline stations. Nowadays the Station is suffering from passenger decline due to international and long-distance trains now passing through Sants and Renfe want to cease rail services to this station.