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About, current & future plans of barcelona Travel Hacks

Barcelona Travel Hacks is primarily a travel blog about the many things to do and see in and around Barcelona with maps, information PDFs and travel guides.

Updated: Jun 26, 2021 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks Views: 2.5k

Welcome to Barcelona Travel hacks

I have been living in Barcelona for almost two decades and enjoy exploring, adventure, live music, local food, festivals, and nightlife. This is my passion project.

Barcelona Travel Hacks is primarily a travel blog about the many things to do and see in and around the city but each time I write about something I include practical guides for anyone wishing to follow my footsteps on my many trips and adventures, including lots of relevant information about getting around using public transport and a generic public transport guide to unravel the various bus and train networks.

Due to Covid 19 shutting down or severely reducing the options of travel within Catalunya I decided to build this website. Now that Barcelona is open again (albeit with some restrictions and curfews) this website aims to be a handy tool for anyone wanting to explore and discover new places.

Scope and Audience

Barcelona Travel Hacks is designed to be useful for residents, students, visitors, tourists and locals in Barcelona and Catalunya, and aims the be the best and last website you look at regarding Barcelona. Because of COVID-19, I have decided not to venture into the territory of being a tour or mountain guide until further notice, however I am always available for questions.

Finding stuff on Barcelona Travel Hacks Website

Barcelona Travel hacks is a 250 plus page website (and constantly growing!) so finding stuff might be tricky, but each attraction or activity has been indexed by:

Locality - This is the neighbourhood, "barrio", in Barcelona or general area outside of Barcelona. i.e., Pre-Pyrenees and Pyrenees, Costa Brava etc.

Theme - I have categorised each attraction with multiple theme tags such as beaches, Museums, Walking in Nature etc.

Distance - What can I do that is one hour or less from Barcelona? Well, this category is for you. I actually have 4 options to filter content:

Barcelona metropolitan Where you will find a list of what to do and see in Downtown Barcelona, Tibidabo and Montjuic Mountains and Suburbs of the city. Activities within 1 hour of Barcelona ; within 1 to 2 hours of Barcelona ; within 2 to 3 hours of Barcelona.

My layout methodology

Once you find something you want to visit on this webpage click on the playing card style link to go to the attraction detail page. Here I am setting out my content following standard rules. This is a little different from the usual travel blog websites and the reason for this is I want my audience to be able to find information quickly.

Each attraction detail page is split into 6 tabs along the top:

A summary of prices for transport and entry fees plus the tags I have used to classify this attraction by Locality, Theme and Distance.

History and about of the attraction and other nearby attractions.

Visiting information of what you can get to see and do, where to get tickets and any tips plus weather and what transport system to use.

PDF documents. Each attraction has an individual rail map with suggested train times and a network map for the particular transport system. I have also added any relevant PDF brochures.

A Wikiloc walking map where applicable and a link to my suggested route. What is wikiloc?

A full photo gallery of what you can see when visiting the attraction.

The future

I have many more things to do and see in and around Barcelona and will try to upload new content and photos at least once a week. Some attractions take more time than others, therefore I may not be able to maintain an exact weekly schedule at times.

I additionally would like to soon upgrade the website to include an events page and calendar. This was originally planned to be in the first release but with COVID-19 decimating the events industry in 2020 and 2021, I have decided to hold back on the rollout of these features for now. I will also add the top bars, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife hotspots as soon as possible.


The information on Barcelona Travel Hacks is correct at the time of publishing the attraction blog. However, this is live website and is updated regularly. If you find something incorrect, want to ask a question, or have any feedback about how to improve the site, please contact me via email at barcelonaTravelhacks@gmail.com or via the Facebook page and I will endeavour to answer your questions and make necessary corrections.

Thanks and Happy Exploring!

Thanks for reading about About, current & future plans of barcelona Travel Hacks

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Happy travels and exploring.