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Barcelona Covid restrictions & vaccination in Catalunya

A guide to the current COVID-19 mobility, activities, restrictions in Barcelona and Catalunya. How to get vaccinated in Catalunya.

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

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Covid-19 Restrictions in Barcelona & Catalunya

During the COVID19 crisis Barcelona and Catalunya has had many different restrictions imposed from a full confinement at home to partial restrictions on movement and activities. Barcelona is now open (albeit with some restrictions and curfews).

As a general rule it is obligatory to wear a facemask when outside of the home in the street where social distancing cannot be maintained, in shops, on public transport. Restrictions on congregating in groups are sometimes enforced with the size of a "group" often being revised.

The Generalitat (local Catalan Government) reviews the situation every two weeks and publishes the CURRENT RESTRICTIONS IN FORCE on their website. I recommend checking this page periodically to not get stung with a fine.

For information about the covid restrictions for a particular attraction, for example the Sagrada Familia, visit the official webpage. (Official websites can be found on the summary tab for each attraction in this website.)

Safe travels and Happy Exploring!

Covid-19 Vaccinations in Barcelona & Catalunya

The vaccination program in Spain, including Catalunya is in full swing delivering mass rollout to the entire population. Uptake is high amongst the population.

Catalunya is using 443 local CAP centres for vaccinations and has created an additional 52 centres for mass vaccinations. Of these 52 centres six are classified as large (in Barcelona) and the rest are considered intermediary in other towns and cities in Catalunya.


Here is the VACCINATION CAMPAIGN AGAINST COVID-19 information page for citizens. Note: Spain, like most other EU countries, is offering the vaccination to anyone over the age of 12.

Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination in Catalunya

Vaccine is now by voluntary appointment. You need the CAT SALUD HEALTH CARD with CIP number.

Additionally with the cat salud health card You can register online to the (relatively!) new MEVA SALUT PORTAL which has your downloadable medical records from any visits to the doctor or hospital.

IMPORTANT: Once logged in to the meva Salud portal there is a section where you can update your cellular phone number and email to receive the SMS conformation of Vaccination appointment and any other push information from public health.

To book the vaccination appointment, go to the COVID VACCINATION APPIONTMENT PORTAL and have to hand your Cat salut card with CIP number and your phone. This same portal is used for the third dose/booster vaccination.

Here is an Article from the Catalan News online paper about how to ensure you are included in the vaccination plan and how to register for it if you are not registered for Cat Salut.

The EU Vaccination Passport

Finally, a COVID VACCINATION PASSPORT can be downloaded as a PDF from the MEVA SALUT portal one day after completion of the vaccination treatment, i.e. after receiving second dose for BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca or after only one dose for the Janssen vaccine. The EU vaccination certificate makes travel within Spain (Balearic and Canary Islands) and to France and other EU countries considerably less hassle. Additionally, A covid passport or valid negative PCR test is needed to attend large indoor events, restaurants, gyms and many other places.

NOTE: Vaccine passports now expire after 270 days in the EU so make sure you get your booster dose. and download your updated covid vaccination passport before travelling.

Safe travels and Happy Exploring!

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