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Transport Options for El Prat Barcelona Airport City Centre

A locals guide for Barcelona Airport transfer options by cheapest, fastest, most frequent and easiest for getting to downtown Barcelona.

Updated: May 27, 2022

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

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Summary of Travel Options to & from Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport Terminals

Barcelona Airport is Catalunya's largest Airport with Catalunya having secondary regional airports in Girona and Reus. Barcelona airport consists of two terminals, T1 and T2.

Is there an internal connection between T1 and T2 like a monorail or tram? No. Make sure you go to the correct terminal or you will need to use a shuttle bus (with stops outside of the terminal buildings - 20 minutes minimum journey) or the Metro which has stations outside of T1 and T2 (20 minutes including walking time.) The inter-terminal Bus is free, the Metro is not.

Terminal 1 is the new modern building shaped like an aircraft. Most long distance international flights depart from here as well as the national carriers of Spain and other countries.

Terminal 2 is where the European low cost / budget carriers operate from. The building dates from the 1970s and is divided into three main zones for departures and arrivals T2A, T2B and T2C. Travel between the zones of terminal 2 is via an internal atrium.

This Link Shows the terminal for each airline operating out of Barcelona airport.

Getting to and from Barcelona Airport

The most common and recommended transfer methods to and From the Airport from cheapest to most expensive are:-

1. R2 SUD Rodalies Train

2. TMB metro Line 9 Sud

3. AeroBus

4. Taxi

Getting to & from Barcelona Airport by Renfe Rodalies Train

Renfe (National train operator) runs a train service from Central Barcelona to the airport.

Pro: Only rail service to go to the centre of Barcelona.

Pro: Cheap with a single ticket costing 2.40 Euros.

Pro: Cheaper (1.135 Euros) if used as 1 trip of a T-casual Zone 1 ticket. (10 trips for 11.35 euros)

Pro: 30 minute train ride to passeig de Gracia.

Con: Only goes to Terminal T2. Use free transfer bus between T1 and T2 (20 mins journey)

Con: Trains every 30 minutes from 05:15 to 23:15 daily.

The Renfe Rodalies train to the Airport is my preferred choice but only if I am flying from terminal T2.

Renfe Rodalies trains go to Barcelona-Sants and Barcelona-Passeig de Gracia in the centre of Barcelona. To check train times use this Link.

Getting to & from Barcelona Airport by TMB Metro

TMB (Transports Metropolitans Barcelona) runs a metro service to and from Barcelona airport to the outskirts of south Barcelona.

Pro: Goes to both terminal T1 and T2

Pro: Trains every 5-8 minutes from 05:00 till midnight and later at weekends.

Con: An airport metro ticket costs 5.15 euros for a single ticket.

Con: the metro L9 sud to and from the airport does not pass by the centre of Barcelona but via the outskirts of south Barcelona terminating at Zona Universitaria. To get to the centre change onto the blue or red metro lines from L9 Sud.

Note: 2 day, 3 day, 4 day and 5 day unlimited travel passes within the Barcelona metropolitan area, called hola BCN, can be purchased which include return trips to the airport.

The Metro L9 Sud is my preferred transport choice, BUT ONLY if I am flying from terminal 1.

Getting to & from Barcelona Airport by Taxi

Barcelona's official taxi's are the black and yellow cabs and both terminal T1 and T2 have a taxi pick up and drop off service to and from anywhere in Barcelona Metropolitan and the suburbs.

Pro: Door to door direct service.

Pro: For flights that are early or late when public transport is infrequent, order a taxi in advance.

Pro: Journey time of 20 to 30 minutes.

Pro: for more than 4 people, people carrier vehicles and wheelchair enabled vehicles are available. ask the taxi assistant at the airport taxi rank.

Con: Taxi pick up or drop off has additional fees applied: 4.30 Euros supplement for airport.

Con: Minimum journey to airport is 20 euros even if your only going a few Kms.

Con: Expect to pay around 35 euros (including supplemental fees) from the Airport to The centre of Barcelona.

Getting to & from Barcelona Airport by AeroBus

A private bus company that provides transfer from the airport to Barcelona.

Pro: Two routes, One for T1 and the other for T2.

Pro: One way fare is 5.90 euros, Return 10.20 Euros, One way + 1 metro trip 7.10 Euros.

Pro: It is a direct transport service from the centre of Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya and Plaza Espana) to the Airport terminal T1 or T2.

Pro: Journey time of 30 to 35 minutes and the busses have wifi.

Pro: The AeroBus website sells tickets online so no wasting time at ticket machines.

Con: It is a bus! If it is busy you may not get a seat, It is a bus!

Getting to & from Barcelona Airport Low Cost Options

There are a range of commuter bus routes that operate during the day and night to and from the airport that can be done as a trip on the T-casual card or single fare of 2.40 euros. Note that these busses stop frequently and could take up to one hour or more to get to the airport.

TMB route 46 bus from Plaza Catalunya to Airport T1 and T2.

Night Bus N18 from Plaza Catalunya to Airport T1 and T2.

Night Bus N17 from Plaza Catalunya to Airport T1.

Night Bus N16 from Plaza Catalunya to Airport T2.

Note: These busses would not be my recommended transport option to get to the airport because of the long journey time and frequent stops. The cost is the same as the R2 Rodalies train line and only about 3-4 euros cheaper than the Aerobus or Metro.

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