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Pyrenees hiking via Serra De Montgrony from Toses to Planoles

13 Km walk from Toses to Planoles via Serra de Montgrony mountain ridgeline giving spectacular 360 panoramic views descending and climbing to each peak

Updated: Aug 4, 2023 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks Views: 1.4k

About Toses to Planoles via Serra De Montgrony

Serra de Montgrony, Sierra de Montgrony Is a mountain ridgeline in the Parc Natural del Cadí Moixeró in the Ripollés region of the Pyrenees mountains. The Sierra de Montgrony runs from the towns of Ribes de Freser, Toses, Planoles and on to Alp via the La Molina Ski zone.

This 13km MEDIUM or MEDIUM-HARD walking route starts at Renfe Toses Railway station on the R3 Rodalies line and terminates at Planoles Renfe one stop nearer to Barcelona along the same R3 roadalies railway line.

This route provides spectacular views of the high pirineo mountain tops and ski resorts. A MEDIUM level of fitness is required. Also sturdy and grippy hiking boots are also required as the path down off the mountain is steep and in some places slippery.

The route passes via multiple viewpoints: Serrat de Paravent, hammer Stone monument Pedra picada, La Emperadora, Costa Pubilla, Tossal Meians and Tossal Meians bunker