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Costa Dorada Torredembarra To Tarragona GR-92 Coastal Walk

18km coastal walk from Torredembarra to Tarragona via a lighthouse, cliff views, roman ruins, watch tower, Tamarit castle, Waikiki beach, Arrabassada ruin

Updated: Mar 13, 2023 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks Views: 1.5k

About Torredembarra To Tarragona Coast Walk

This is an 18 Km MEDIUM linear coastal walk via the GR-92 trail starting from Torredembarra and ending in Tarragona. In Altafula there is an open air museum of a farming vila Roman ruin. The route passes via Tamarit Castle with some interesting small coves and large beaches in between as well as the famous Cala Waikiki beach.

From RENFE Torredembarra walking along to the seafront to the marina take the path going up parallel to the coastline and follow it to the Punta de la Galera lighthouse and viewpoint. Further along the path is a headland viewpoint of Playa de Capellans i Canyadell. The rocks here have some ponds cut into them that are Roman Fishing pits.

Staying parallel to the coast on the waterfront path pass a ruined stone building and get to the town of Altafulla. This town was once a Roman settlement called Vila dels Munts. Today it is ruins with a museum.

Crossing the spectacular beaches of Altafulla and Tamarit we pass via a concrete bunker and see Tamarit castle. This is not open to the public but does rent space for events such as weddings.

Follow the path round the back of the castle passing some Iberian caves and ruins and head on towards la Mara beach. At the other side walk through the campsite to the stone watch tower and take the path leading into the forest.

Along this path is Cala Waikiki beach. A fantastic remote place with a gently sloping beach and perfect clear blue water. This is not the typical tourist beach in a town that is manned by lifeguards and suffering from litter and noise but a hidden gem and secret beach

Next we enter Playa Larga or long beach. Aptly named as it stretches for several kilometres and has many restaurants, bars and cafes. Last time I completed this route I ate at Mirall d' Estiu Restaurant.

At the other end we climb out of the beach onto a rocky path parallel to the coast and taking us via several small beaches before the abandoned Hospital de Arrabassada. This is closed to the public and patrolled by security.

Hospital de Arrabassada has a dark history. It was a tuberculosis hospital and also a hospital for soldiers during the civil war then an orphanage where children were reportedly abused. There have been plans to restore it but no one can decide what to do with the buildings.

Continuing along the coast we follow the rock path passing a few more viewpoints before arriving at Tarragona.