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Abandoned Hotel Colonia Puig To Montserrat Monastery

Hotel built by Catalan industrialist in 1910. It was used as a field hospital during the civil war and since 1990 has been left abandoned.

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About Abandoned Hotel Colonia Puig To Montserrat Monastery

Little historical records and documentation exist about the hotel so I will try and give an overview.

Around 1910, the Catalan industral Sr. Puig, acquired the Farmhouse site to build his hotel, apparently counting on the financial help of his friend, Alejandro Lerroux who led the radical republican party. According to an autobiographical manuscript by the anarchist Juan Garcia Oliver, he claims to have been hired in this hotel as a waiter in 1918. Thus, the opening of the premises had to take place before 1918 but there is data that puts it in 1912.

The magnificent location of the three-storey hotel attracted, from the moment of its opening, high society guests that could have a room from 3.50 pesetas (about 145 Euros today) and Room including meals for 15 pesetas (about 630 euros today). For the transfer of its customers, the hotel even had a fleet of Swiss cars.

The civil war (1936) ended the hotel buisness and the buiding was used as a blood hospital for wounded soldiers from the civil war. Republican and civilian servicemen were welcomed - severely wounded as a result of German bombs dropped by Stukas aircraft, many of them from the nearby town of Monistrol de Montserrat, Heavily bombed in early 1939 by shelling.

After the war, the hotel reopened its doors. This is recorded in the publicity of a banquet that it hosted in 1955 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Montesa motorcycles. Finally, the hotel closed its doors in the late 80s.