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Delta Llobregat Nature reserve Park to Prat Beach

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Updated: 4 Oct 2021

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"Delta Llobregat Park to Prat Beach"

Summary: Barcelona Airport, El prat, is surrounded by a wetland nature reserve. Starting in the town and ending at the beach walking or cycling via the nature reserve.

Address: Carrer de la Carretera de la Bunyola S/N, El Prat de Llobregat. 8820

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE
Child T-familiar FREE
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: Prat de Llobregat is in Zone 1 so use T-Casual Zone 1.
Free day:


About Delta Llobregat Park to Prat Beach:

Delta de Llobregat nature reserve runs either side of the Llobregat river from Martorell to the coastline. This route covers the section in El prat next to the coastline and behind Barcelona El prat airport.

Torre Parque Fluvial Baix Llobregat is a watch tower open to the public with 360 panoramic views of the river delta and the town of el prat.

Torretta Mira Mare is a wooden watch tower next to the coast with views of the port, flood plain, river and ruins

Antiga Caserna Dels Carrabiners are abandoned ruined barrack buildings dating from 1844, when they were erected by the Royal Corps of Carabiniers to combat smuggling, in particular of tobacco, and keep watch over the coastline. During the military coup of 1936, the Carabiniers remained loyal to the Republic, and as a result were disbanded at the end of the Civil War. Between 1939 and 1970 the barracks were occupied by the Civil Guard.

Mirador Del Semaforis an abandoned and preserved visual semaphore tower. it was erected in 1887 in order to regulate coastal marine traffic and prevent accidents. The watchmen who lived there would notify Montjuic Castle of any incidents. They would also rescue the victims and salvage any shipwrecked vessels and their contents. The building was preserved by the ACA (Catalan Water Agency) courtesy of the water company Aigues Ter Llobregat (ATLL), as territorial compensation for the installation of the metropolitan desalination plant.

The semaphore and former military barracks are located amid wetland flora, with flooded marshes, reeds, seablite and marsh samphire, along with significant populations of esparto grass. The peacefulness of the unspoiled beach where it stands means that various species of birdlife feed there, including the Kentish plover (which also breeds here), the Audoin's gull and the osprey.

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Visiting Delta Llobregat Park to Prat Beach:

This walking or cycling route follows several drainage canals which are tortoise breeding territory and habitat. Along the path towards El prat beach there is a viewing platform for plane spotting. The land around the airport cannot be built upon so is marshland nature reserve.

The route ends at El prat beach which is one of Barcelona`s secret beaches. This beach is only known by locals and does not suffer the pick pocketing and bag theft problems that Barceloneta beaches are famous for.

The most southerly beach of El prat, Remolar Beach, is designated as a clothing optional or nudist beach.

Getting To Delta Llobregat Park to Prat Beach:

For this route start at les Moreres metro on the L9 sud Metro. To return from the beach use the BaixBus PR2 or PR3 line which passes via parc nou and Centric metro stops in the town of el Prat and terminates ar the RENFE and metro stop of El prat de llobregat on the edge of town.

Because all the above stations and bus service are in Zone 1, use 1 trip from the Tcasual Zone 1 travel Card.

Weather for El Prat de Llobregat:

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