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Summary for La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths

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"La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths"

Former luxury spa and bathhouse with sulphated water from nearby natural spring for its health properties. Known for its urban graffiti art. Private ruin.

Address: Cami de la Puda S/N, Olesa De Montserrat. 08640

Summary of prices for La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult 10.25 Euros Free
Child Free Not Suitable for children
Group/Family Ticket: N/A
Notes: Walk is free, Return train tickets cost 10.25 Euros.
Free day:

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About La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths

Views: 471. Updated: Oct 5, 2021 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

At the foothills of Montserrat mountain is an abandoned Thermal bath house, clinic and Spa complex called La Puda that was considerably popular decades ago. It was claimed in the 19th century that the sulphated water could cure diseases.

In the 19th Century, administrations began to regulate everything related to hot springs and a doctor came to La Puda, discovering the medicinal properties of the water. At the time there was no building and the necessary permits were sought to construct the first modest building. In the middle of the 19th Century when a much larger project was built, fame began to skyrocket through the region. The building that is now the town hall of Olesa de Montserrat was previously a hotel that was built exclusively as a hotel for visitors to La Puda.

The Iron foot bridge was built in 1858 to a design by architect Elias Rogent to link the spa to the Esparreguera Road over the river Llobregat. However, the Bridge was never the main access to the Spa as the dedicated railway station (1922) and road access was via the other side of the river.

The peak of fame for La Puda was between the end of the 19th century and the civil war. At the time it was common for the bourgeoisie of Barcelona to visit the spa. The Water in La puda was also sold in Barcelona. There was even a railway built to expressly access La Puda.

After years of losing importance to the beaches, La Puda was abandoned during the 1970s. Before the Olympic games in Barcelona a new owner cleaned it up after the building roofs and walls were damage by a significant flood and landslide after heavy rains. The intention was to rehabilitate the complex but the project never came to fruition.

The abandoned building has great architectural value. It was designed by renowned Sabadell based architect Josep Oriol Bernadet in a neoclassical style. During the civil war the enclosure welcomed more that 500 refugees; well above it's designed capacity.

Historic photos of La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths.

Historic La Puda de Montserrat From Esparreguera Road

From Esparreguera Road

Historic La Puda de Montserrat Outside dining in the tree grove

Outside dining in the tree grove

Historic La Puda de Montserrat Front entrance to La puda

Front entrance to La puda

Historic La Puda de Montserrat Main dining room

Main dining room

Historic La Puda de Montserrat Altar


Historic La Puda de Montserrat Iron Footbridge

Iron Footbridge

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Visiting La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths

Views: 471. Updated: Oct 5, 2021 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

The current owner intends to recover the spa and would like to do something to the clinic. Stating that the location is magnificent; it has many possibilities and something positive can be generated for people's quality of life, intending to make a more popular establishment than what has been in the past. There is abundant literature that explains the benefit of sulphated water to fight dermatological problems, Psoriasis or osteoarthritis.

At the moment, for lack of funds, Investors are being sought for the rehabilitation of La Puda. Meanwhile, on hold, the site has been suffering from robberies. Doors, metal fixtures and fittings and even a whole elevator car have been stolen from the site. The council of Esparreguera has also expressed willingness to invest if the historical aspects are conserved.

NOTE: The building is privately owned and not open to the public. However, should you enter the buildings, be aware that the complex is extremely unstable and is very dangerous, especially after heavy rainfall. You enter at your own risk with the knowledge that you are trespassing on private property.

Getting To La Puda Abandoned Thermal Baths

The quickest way is to get the FGC train to Aeri de Montserrat and walk south parallel to the river for about 2km.

However, I have a more interesting 11km walking route starting at Renfe Vacarisses-Torreblanca RODALIES line R4 and walking via Sant Salvador hermatage to la Puda. The route finishes at the FGC Aeri de Montserrat station. See the Wikiloc Tab

Vacarisses-Torreblanca is on the RODALIES network. Aeri de Montserrat is on the FGC network.

Weather for Olesa de Montserrat

Additionally, I recomend checking Mountain Forcast website Which has more detailed information about the Montserrat mountain range Weather.

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Train map La Puda PDF: Train map La Puda
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Comuter Rail Map La Puda PDF: Comuter Rail Map La Puda

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