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Tarragona Roman Wall And Gardens (archaeological walk)

Tips, tickets and opening hours for visiting the MHT museum of the old roman city wall, gardens & later medieval fortifications of cannons

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About Tarragona Roman Wall & Gardens (archaeological walk)

The archaeological walk is along the kilometre of Roman wall that surrounds the old town of Tarragona, between the original Roaman Wall and the outer countermure defense wall which was added later. We can see additions from modern times and visit the Arquebisbe and Minerva towers.

The wall was the first major construction by the Romans shortly after settling on the site, originally a wooden structure. The original military settlement was the origin of the future city of Tarraco. The Roman city quickly became the bridgehead due to the arrival of reinforcements from Rome which resulted in the need to strengthen the defences that existed until then. Between 217 and 197 BC, the first stone wall was built. It consists of uneven stone blocks reinforced with towers at the most vulnerable points. The height of the perimeter walls was 6 meters and the thickness 4.5 meters with taller towers.

The most widespread opinion is that around the years 150 and 125 BC the wall was strongly transformed and grew in extension, height and width. In this way it came to encompass the entire city to the port. The wall also served as living space on the inside.

The wall no longer encircles the old part of Tarragona town but sections of it remain. The most substantial remains are three towers and a section of one kilometre from behind the cathedral to Portal de Roser. The space on the outside of the wall is now a public garden and is a nice walking route that has views over Tarragona facing inland.

The wall construction in the archaeological walk has additions from the 16th and 18th centuries when it was reinforced with bastions, a false countermure and small forts on the outside. Along the archaeological walk you will have the roman wall on one side of the gardens withthe medieval later modifications and cannons on the other side.

Visiting Tarragona Roman Wall & Gardens (archaeological walk)

When I visited the wall and gardens entry was free, However it may now be charged entry and if so it constitutes part of the MHT collection so can be done with the combined MHT ticket or as an individual ticket.

Free Entry:International museum day in May, 19th August, 18th September, 23rd September, 8,8 and 10th October. The last Tuesday of January, February, march, May, October, November and December.

Access closes 30 minutes before final closing time.

Accessibility, mobility & Clothing for Tarragona Roman Wall & Gardens (archaeological walk)

Roman Tarragona Wall And Gardens paths are ramps with the entrance section being ramps with small steps.

There are no bicycle anchorage points near to the museum.

Large rucksacks and bags will not be permitted inside the Roman Tarragona Wall And Gardens, nor is there space in reception to leave them. I was allowed inside with my small 10L museum rucksack.

There is no audio guide but information plaques at various points.

Day Trip Rucksack

Day Trip Rucksack

Small 10L day trip and museums rucksack

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Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult € 16.10 € 3.30 Students, Over 65 years, 1.70 Euros Child € 16.10 FREE For under 16 YearsGroup/Family Ticket? See Website.Notes Combined ticket for all MHT 11.05 Euros.

Getting to Tarragona Roman Wall & Gardens (archaeological walk)

Address: Passeig Arqueologic S/N, Tarragona. 43003

The Renfe REGIONAL R14, R15, R16 & R17 lines all go to Tarragona city centre from Barcelona-Estació de França, Barcelona-Passeig de Gràcia and Barcelona-Sants.

Note: Do not use any high speed AVE. AVLo, Ouigo or Iryo trains because these all go to Camp de Tarragona which is a new station built 15Km outside of the centre of Tarragona.

Documents for Tarragona Roman Wall & Gardens (archaeological walk)

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Tarragona Train Map

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Regional Rail Map



Tarragona City Map


Wikiloc Trail for Tarragona Roman Wall & Gardens (archaeological walk)

TAR01 - Roman Tarragona

A city walk in Tarragona that covers the main Roman Museums that are part of the MHT (Museo Historico de Tarragona).

Distance: 8.27 Km

Difficulty: Moderate

Return Travel Fare: 21.00 EUR

Transport Network: Renfe Regional

Weather for Tarragona

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