Figueres Theatre Dali Museum by surrealist artist
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Figueres Theatre Dali Museum by surrealist artist

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Figueres Theatre Museum Dali

Summary: Salvador Dali could be considered the most famous citizen from Figures and it is in this town where we find the main Dali museum in a converted theatre.

Address: Plaza Gala i Salvador Dali 5, Figueres. 17600

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult € 32.00 € 14.00
Child € 32.00 FREE For under 8 years when accompanied by an adult
Group/Family Ticket: Groups of 25+ people: 9 Euros. See website.
Free day:


About Figueres Theatre Museum Dali:

Salvador Dali could be considered the most famous citizen from Figueres and it is in this town where we find the main Dali museum.

The entrance to the Dali museum is not via the red facaded building but via the theatre building in plaza Gala i Salvador Dali. In front of the theatre facade is a Dali-designed monument to Francesc Pujols within railings.

Plaza Gala i Salvador Dali continues to the right of the theatre facade where there are three reproductions of the sculpture made by Antoni Merci in 1895 of the painter Meissonier (1815-1891), an artist praised by Dali. These reproductions are placed on columns formed by six, seven and seventeen tractor wheel tires.

The museum was a former theatre that was reduced to a shell by a fire at the end of the Spanish civil war. Dali took advantage of the semi ruined theatre to craft a unique exhibition space for his works. Everything in the museum was conceived and created by Dali himself. The museum itself can be considered a surrealist work of art and is unusual in that the artist has created and curated his own museum.

What was the stalls area of the theatre is now an open-air atrium dominated by a Cadillac car that forms the centre piece of several sculptures. Don't forget to look inside the car from all sides.

The atrium is surrounded on either side by narrow white corridors that house Dali's paintings and pencil drawings. The right corridor (facing the stage) leads onto the stage which contains a full height surrealist mural. The stage area is topped by a glass dome, the pattern of the structure said to resemble an eye of a fly because Dali thought about the perspective that a fly has on the world through their eyes.

In accordance with Dali's wishes, he is buried inside his museum beneath the dome. In the middle of the stage area you will see on the floor a stone cover to his tomb.

From the stage looking out at the atrium on the left there are stairs that lead up to a second floor. The second floor follows the same plan as the first with a corridor running in a horseshoe shape round the stage and central atrium. leading off from the corridor are various rooms such as the Mae West room, The fishmongers room, Loggia, The Treasure room and The Palace of the wind.

Each room is in itself a surrealist piece of art with exhibits that occupy walls, floors, ceilings and all three simultaneously. The Theatre Museum Dali is much more than a traditional art gallery and when visiting I recommend always looking up at the ceiling and down at the floor as well as around the walls.

There are 3 Attractions Nearby:

Visiting Figueres Theatre Museum Dali:

At the time of writing this the general entry ticket includes access to the Dali Jewels collection. This is a sepperate exhibition space that contains 39 gold jewels and precious stones of the Owen Cheatham collection based on design drawings by salvador Dali. Each jewellry item is accompanied by the Dali design drawing.

The Entrance to the Dali Jewels collection can be found after the exit turnstiles of the Dali Museum.

The Theatre Dali museum is very popular and has reduced entry due to the current Covid situation. I recommend booking the ticket in advance via the web portal. Note: the early time slots in the morning are always the busiest and I advise choosing a 13:00h to 16:00h time slot because this is when people generally eat lunch in Catalunya so the museum is less busy.

Note: At the moment I cannot post any photos of the interior of the Figueres Dali Theatre museum but I am seeking rights clearance from the Dali Foundation to include these photos. meanwhile to get an idea of what is on display inside the museum check out the virtual tour.

Figures Theatre Dali Museum opening hours

Monday to Tuesday: 10:00h to 18:00h.

Closed: Mondays except some public holiday's.

Admission up to 45 minutes before closing time.

As well as the museum gift shop, upon exiting the museum there is a surrealist bookshop and gift store sells items based on the designs of Salvador Dali.

Getting To Figueres Theatre Museum Dali:

Figueres can be reached via the REGIONAL train service which has a station in the centre of town. Figures is also served by the AVE high speed rail network which has a station on the outskirts of the town called Figures-Vilafant.

Weather for Figueres:

There are 3 PDf documents:

Figueres Train Map

PDF: Figueres Train Map
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Figueres Regional Rail Map

PDF: Figueres Regional Rail Map

Figueres Tourist map

PDF: Figueres Tourist map


FIG01 - Figueres Day trip

Visit Figueres Sant Ferran Fortress, Dali Theatre Museum, Sant Pere Church, and Figueres toy Museum.

Distance: 6.5 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: 32.00 EUR

Transport Network: Renfe Regional or Renfe AVE

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