Port Forum olympic Marina, Parc Litoral and Forum beach
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Port Forum olympic Marina, Parc Litoral and Forum beach

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Port Forum and Parc Litoral

Summary: A 1992 Olympic port with secret beach nearby that has views of the futuristic power plant behind.

Address: Port Forum, Sant Adria de besos. 8930

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE
Child T-familiar FREE
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: Free to walk around the Marina.
Free day:


About Port Forum and Parc Litoral:

About Port Forum

Was built for the 1992 Olympics. The Marina contains shops dedicated to boating activities, a small supermarket, some restaurants and a large decathlon sports store. Entry is free to walk around the public areas and to cross the high steel girder bridge However this part may be closed when Forum is used for music festivals.

About Parc de Litoral

Is a small park between Sant Adria de Besos Renfe train station and the beach. This is not a tourist beach but one used more by locals and has a much more chilled and tranquil vibe than the beaches of Barceloneta.

Central termica de Sant Adria de Besos

This is the modern looking powerstation that burns the municipal waste from Barcelona city and natural gas to generate steam for the electricity turbines. The Chimney output is filtered! In 2005 Fecsa-Endesa acquired the land from the Sant Adria council to build the modern complex completed in 2008. The power station entered in service in 2010 to provide 859 MW of electricity to substitute the old coal fired power station that was decomissioned in 2011.

Former power station - Three chimneys.

This was a coal fired powerstation that operated from 1973 to 2011. It consisted of three boilers linked to a steam driven electrical generator that produced 350 MW. After the deinstalation of all the electricity producing components and flattening of surrounding buildings there were plans to demolish the chimneys. However the turbine halls and three chimneys are for the moment being conserved because they are in the process of being declared a local cultural interest so we may end up with a museum or some kind of civic centre here someday.

There are currenly no nearby Attractions:

Getting To Port Forum and Parc Litoral:

It is possibe to get to port forum on the Yellow (L4) line TMB Metro el Maresme Forum stop but the nearest public transport is the TMB Tram stop of Port Forum. Also the beach and Park Litoral can be reached by the Renfe RODALIES Line R1 Sant Adria de Besos stop.

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There are 2 PDf documents:

Port Forum Metro map

PDF: Port Forum Metro map
Author: www.tmb.cat

Comuter Rail Map

PDF: Comuter Rail Map
Author: www.gencat.cat


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