Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden in Avenida diagonal
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Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden in Avenida diagonal

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Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden

Summary: Public rose garden with over 2000 flowering rose bushes and 27 spiecies of trees. Best time to visit is May to July when Roses are in full flower.

Address: Avenida Diagonal 691, Barcelona. 08034

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE
Child T-familiar FREE
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: Open 10-19h in winter and 10-21h in summer.
Free day:


About Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden:

An international competition for rose growing was held at Palau de Pedralbes from 1929 to 1936 but this competition fell into decline at the end of the 1980's. The current Barcelona International Rose competition was first held in 2001.

The park has a variety of trees: A row of Siberian Elms, Tipu Trees, Lime Trees, Pink Sirus, A large oak, Stone Pines, A tall Aleppo Pine, Himalayan Cedars, South American Cypresses, Olive trees, Black Locust, Indian Bead trees and horse chestnut and many more. 27 species in total.

The park has close to 10 thousand rose bushes made up of about 2000 species and varieties producing some 150,00 roses at the height of the flowering season between May and July.

The rose garden has two sculptures: Rombes besosons created by Andreu Alfaro, A geometric work (1977). Near the entrance from Avenida Diagonal there is a female nude opposite the perfume garden, entitled Serenity (1964) by Eulalia Fabras de Sentmenat.

The perfume garden has 235 varieties of roses which stand out for the aroma of their flowers.

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Visiting Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden:

The gardens are open to the public and accessible from Avenida Diagonal.

Parc de Cervantes opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 10:00h to 19:00h (November 1st to march 31st).

Monday to Sunday: 10:00h to 21:00h (April 1st to October 31st).

Getting To Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden:

The Parc De Cervantes Rose Garden is about 200m walk from TMB Metro Zona Universitaria on the Green (L3) line.

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Zona Universitaria Metro Map

PDF: Zona Universitaria Metro Map


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