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Things to do and see in El prat de Llobregat & Castelldefels

3 things to do and see

Baix Lobregat is the delta area of the Llobregat river and covers towns such as El prat (airport), Castelldefels beach and town plus a nature reserve.

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Description of El Prat & Castelldefels

Baix Llobregat is the area that covers the lower Llobregat river and delta including the towns of El prat de Llobregat and Castelldefels. El Prat is the town adjacent to the Barcelona airport and it is residential and light industrial. It is from El Prat that we can access the Delta Llobregat natural park and El prat beach.

Castelldefels is a town of two parts: Castelldefels Platja which is the beach town which is residential, holiday apartments and hotels. It has many great seafood resturants and beach chirringuitos with lively nightlife in the summer. Castelldefels town centre is a little inland and is residential with a great castle museum.

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Attractions in El Prat & Castelldefels

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