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A guide to the Montserrat mountain and Manresa area

10 things to do and see

Discover the gologically unique mountain range of Montserrat with world famous monastery near the roman medieval market town of Manresa.

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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

Description of Montserrat and Manresa

Montserrat is probably the number one tourist trip for Barcelona visitors. It is the religious centre of Catalunya with a monastery, basilica, Museums, restaurants and a hotel. It is a mountain top religious centre and world famous pilgrimage destination.

Montserrat is also a mountain range and natural park with very unique geology and ideal for hiking and climbing with its flora, fauna and abandoned hermitages.

Getting to Montserrat monastery is very easy. It is about 1 hour by train from Barcelona with the option of completing the last leg from Monistrol up to the monastery via a cremallera racked railway or a cable car.

I have detailed the main attractions at Montserrat monastery as well as the Aieri cable car and Cremallera and funiculars. Additionally it is possible to walk up to Montserrat Monastery from either Colbato town or Monistrol Town. From the Monastery there are also well established trails to Sant Jeroni summit and around the many hermitages such as Santa Anna, Sant Onofre, Sant Miguel and Santa Cova.

I have also grouped in a few activities in nearby towns that might be of interest.

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Attractions in Montserrat and Manresa

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