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Summary for La Boqueria Sant Josep Food Market

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"La Boqueria Sant Josep Food Market"

The oldest and most famous food market in Barcelona located in Raval off las Ramblas. Market is surrounded by small tapas bars and restaurants.

Address: La Rambla 91, Barcelona. 8002

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Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE
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Notes: Famous Food Market
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About La Boqueria Sant Josep Food Market

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The below history of La Boqueria uses La Boqueria website as the primary source.

The market dates from 1217

Documents dating from 1217 show that there was an open-air market in pla de la Boqueria consisting of temporary stalls set up by local farmers from the surrounding villages.

The ancient roman wall on Las ramblas on the side of Raval was demolished in 1777 and the market stalls were moved to Rambla de Sant Josep, between the church of Bethlehem and Pla de la Boqueria. in 1827 an Edict issued by the Marquis de Campo Sagrado, Captain General of Catalonia regulated the sale of food on las ramblas establishing the new market of Sant Josep.

Current buildings date from 1820

In 1820, people began to call out for the transformation of the Carmelite Convent of St. Joseph into a market. In 1835, following the riots that took place on the Feast Day of St. James, the convent was destroyed by fire. After the demolition work, the traders on the Rambla moved to this site on 28 March 1836.

The city council decided to use the free space created after the demolition of the convent to build a square with arcades, using the same design as Placa Reial, which was to be named Placa del Treball. The work commenced, based on the design of Francesc Daniel Molina, but by 1840, the square was still not completed.

19 March 1840 the laying of the foundation stone of the market, built in accordance with the design of the architect Josep Mas i Vila. Based on the design of the square, the central area was reserved for the stalls and the fish stalls were installed in a separate area, Placa de Sant Galdric. The fish stalls were not transferred to the central part of the market until 1911.

in 1869 the square became too small and the adjacent areas were annexed to it, and in particular, the plot occupied by the former Convent of St. John of Jerusalem, demolished in 1888 to make way for what is now Placa de la Gardunya. Two years later, in 1871, lighting in the form of gas lamps were installed.

Refurbished 1913 and 2001

In 1913 the modernist arches at the Rambla entrance and in 1914 the metal roof we added. Both were designed by architect Antoni de Falguera.

In 1985 the market was remodelled and the loading area and car park were built. The design proposed setting back the market to create some free space on the side of the Rambla, and the elimination of Placa de la Gardunya but this was rejected.

From 1998 to 2001 the stall area was remodelled, based on the design of the architects Lluis Clotet and Ignacio Paricio, who aimed to portray the market not as an enclosed building, but as a covered, arcaded square. To that end, the Ionic columns were restored and the perimeter connecting the roof to the arcades was demolished, to permit the entry of natural light.

From 2010 to 2013, an underground car par and logistics area, to permit the warehousing space to be tripled and free up an area for handling waste was constructed. Also, the Modernist arch at the Rambla entrance was also restored. In 2015 the rear facade was inaugurated including the landscaping project in Placa de la Gardunya.

La Boqueria is the oldest food market in Barcelona

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Visiting La Boqueria Sant Josep Food Market

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The market is open Monday to Saturday all day but closes on certain public holidays. see the schedule section of the website.

Around the edges of La Boqueria are many small restaurants specialising in tapas.

Fish is a big part of the mediterranean diet so la boqueria has plenty of fresh fish stalls as well as meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans. It is possible to find pretty much anything food wise here.

In the evening the Square that the market is in is gated and closed to prevent some of the nocturnal trades of Las Ramblas from using the space for other activities.

Warning: This part of Barcelona suffers from pick pocket thieves so ensure all zips and flaps on bags are done up and keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Thieves ride past on bicycles to steal off of tables or out of hands, or are disguised as beggars so be extra vigilant.

Getting To La Boqueria Sant Josep Food Market

Nearest Metro is Liceo on the Green (L3) line. But you have probably either walked up or down las Ramblas in which case it is approximately half way along las Ramblas.

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