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Las Ramblas Boulevard with Living Statues and flower stands

Tree lined pedestrian street running between Raval & Gòtic neighbourhoods, from Barcelona Port to Plaza Catalunya, Known for its living statues & kiosks

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About Las Ramblas & Living Statues

This page is specifically about Las Ramblas, also known as La Rambla, Barcelona's famous walking street. For a list of attractions in or near to Las Ramblas visit las Ramblas Boulevard page.

las Ramblas History

Las Ramblas was an old open brook that ran alongside the outer walls of the old city. Over time as the city grew and was expanded to include what is now the Raval Neighbourhood this brook became a busy throughfare. In the 1500s The brook was submerged and paved over and trees planted to make what is now the modern day Rambla.

Visiting Las Ramblas & Living Statues

Today it is a pedestrianised tree lined boulevard with several interesting things to see along its route.

At the bottom end of Las Ramblas between Torre Colòn (Christopher Columbus monument) and Drasanes Metro station (La Rambla de Santa Monica) are multiple human statues. They are street performers dressed up as living statues, standing perfectly still until someone makes a donation. If you make a donation most will let you take a photo. My favourite is the Dragon Man.

At Drassanes metro we often find market stalls selling trinkets and handmade artisan products such as jewellery, purses, ornaments and figurines.

From Liceo to Plaza Catalunya Las Ramblas has flower and seed stands and several newspaper and magazine stands. Just outside the Liceo Metro station is a large Joan Miró Mosaic on the central pavement.

Rambla de Canaletes describes the upper part of La Rambla boulevard from Liceu to Plaza Catalunya. It is lined with news kiosks where you can find some international newspapers. After passing Liceo there are also stands selling flowers and seeds for every type of vegetable and flower.

At the top of Las Ramblas, near to the Metro entrance to plaza Catalunya station you will see a fountain called Canaletes fountain with benches nearby which is a perfect spot for people watching.

Where to Eat in Las Ramblas

La Rambla dels Caputxins from Drasanes to Liceo is lined with restaurants targeted at the tourist market and menu's in multiple languages. Generally, I do not recommend eating on Las Ramblas because they are tourist traps that overcharge and not the best food, However there are exceptions that I detail in the a href=''>Las Ramblas restaurants section.

Is Las Ramblas Safe?

Las Ramlas is a tourist hotspot, some might even say a tourist trap which makes the boulevard a target for pickpockets and petty thieves who steal un attended cameras, bags and phones before running into the Raval district. TO avoid becoming a victim of street robbery while in Barcelona please keep your bag zipped at all times, leave nothing unattended or out of sight for even a second. Keep you phone secure in your bag and not half hanging out of a pocket where it can easily be stolen.

Although Barcelona hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics, do not make yourself a competitor for the 100m dash to chase a thief by keeping your personal belongings secure in a zipped bag that you never leave unattended or out of sight.

What to take with you for Las Ramblas & Living Statues

This is a public pedestrianised street with no restrictions on access except on days with special events such as Easter parades.

Bicycle anchorage points by Liceu Metro station exit. Bicycles in this part of town have a high probability of being stolen so do not take your eyes off it.

Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE Child T-familiar FREE Notes Public boulevard.

Getting to Las Ramblas & Living Statues

Address: La Rambla, Barcelona. 08002

Las Ramblas Runs from TMB METRO Drassanes via TMB METRO Liceu and TMB METRO Plaza Catalunya. All on the green (L3) Line.

Map of Las Ramblas & Living Statues


Latitute: 41.4 Longitude: 2.2 Zoom Level: 11

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