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Summary for Sant Pere De Les Puelles Church

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"Sant Pere De Les Puelles Church"

10th Century Romanesque Gothic Benedictine monastery. What remains today is the 11th century ground floor church.

Address: Plaza de Sant Pere 16, Barcelona. 08003

Summary of prices for Sant Pere De Les Puelles Church

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual Free
Child Free
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: Make a small donation to keep lights on.
Free day:

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About Sant Pere De Les Puelles Church

Views: 371. Updated: Oct 4, 2021 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

A convent was founded by Count Sunyer I and his wife Riquilda Toulouse next to an ancient church dedicated to San Saturnino in 945AD. In 985AD, the monastery, which was outside the city walls, was attacked by the arab troops of Almanzor and subsequently restored by Count Borrell II. The monastery grew slowly having a dozen nuns at the end of the 10th century. In the following century, the number rose to 20, most of them daughters of nobles of the time. The powerful religious families were responsible to financially support the monastery. In 1147, a new, larger church, encompassing both the monastery and the old church dedicated to St. Sadurni, was consecrated.

The community suffered with the 1835 secularization and the monastery became a prison. In 1879, the religious community moved to a new location in the district of Sarria-Sant Gervasi. In 1873, the cloister and other sections was removed. The monastery suffered a fire in 1909 after which it was rebuilt. A new fire ravaged the building during the Spanish Civil War in 1939.

Very little remains of the original building, partly because of destruction and partly because of poor restorations It is known that the cloister contained two floors. The lower style, Romanesque, dates to the 11th century while the upper, Gothic style, was built circa 1322. The original church was constructed in the Greek cross plan. It was bounded by four arches supported by columns and a domed octagonal base. In the area where the present chapel of the Blessed is located, there are remains of the old church of San Saturnino which predates Sant Pere de les Puelles. The monastery had a bell tower, known as the Torre dels Ocells (Tower of Birds) which was destroyed during the fire of 1909. A bell dating to 1752 is present in the octagonal bell tower.

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Visiting Sant Pere De Les Puelles Church

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The church is open to the public all day and is free to walk around inside. Please make a donation to help keep the lights on.

Note: Due to the current covid situation the church is closed for tourist visits but remains open for mass.

Mass hours

Monday to Friday: 19:00h.

Saturday: 17:00h.

Sunday and holidays: 11:00h (Spanish); 12:30h (Catalan).

Confessions: before masses.

Getting To Sant Pere De Les Puelles Church

Nearest TMB Metro is Urquinaona or Arc de Triumf on the red (L1) line.

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