Gracia Civil War Air Raid Shelter in Plaza Diamant
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Gracia Civil War Air Raid Shelter in Plaza Diamant

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Gracia Civil War Air Raid Shelter

Summary: One of only two surviving air raid shelters from the civil war. Built underground by a co-operative of residents in Gracia Neighbourhood. Guided visits on Sundays.

Address: Plaza del Diamant S/N, Barcelona. 08012

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 3.00
Child T-familiar € 3.00
Group/Family Ticket: See Website.
Notes: 1st, 3rd, 4th &5th Sunday of month - Catalan, 2nd Sunday of month - Spanish. English, ask.
Free day:


About Gracia Civil War Air Raid Shelter:

In 1992, during some civil works, the anti-aerial bombardment bunker, refugi 0232, was discovered underneath the sub-soil of Plaza Diamant in Gracia. It was constructed to a depth of 12 metres below surface to provide shelter for 200 residents of Gracia during the aerial bombardment of the civil war.

The shelter has a total of 69m in length of tunnels with the tunnel width being 1.1 metres wide by 2 metres high and a total area of 75.90 square metres. the air raid shelter has two ventilation shafts, an infirmary and electrical installation. Plans reveal proposals to increase the tunnels into surrounding streets to link up with other shelters in the Gracia neighbourhood.

The aerial bombardment was principally performed by the Italian air force at the request of General Franco to try and destroy the industrial factories of Barcelona. This shelter is one of 90 that formed the civil defence of Gracia. Barcelona had some 1400 Shelters to protect the residents from Arial and sometimes naval bombardment. Noteworthy is that Barcelona was the first city in history to suffer from systematic aerial bombardment, This is before London and other UK cities during world war two.

The shelter was built not by the Catalan Government but by a local committee of residents. Later, the Catalan Government published guidelines and provided technical support so that communities/committee's of residents could build shelters.

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Visiting Gracia Civil War Air Raid Shelter:

Today this shelter is only one of two that survive and are open to the public and the historic workshop (Associacio Taller d'Historia de Gracia) offers guided visits.

The guide for the shelter speaks Spanish, Catalan and English and is very knowledgeable and helpful. The language offered for the tour is rotated depending the week of the month. Consult the schedule on the website.

Gracia Air raid shelter guided visit hours

1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month: Catalan language visits at 11.00h.

2nd Sunday of month: Spanish language visits and English if advised beforehand at 11.00h.

The meeting point for the visits is Plaza de Diamant net to the entrance steps of the underground air raid shelter. Book your visit in advance as places are limited.

Getting To Gracia Civil War Air Raid Shelter:

Nearest TMB Metro is Fontana on the green (L3) line.

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