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Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre mall complex

Visit Las Arenas shopping centre. Former bullfighting arena at Plaza d'España converted to shopping centre with roof top panoramic viewpoint

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About Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre

Las Arenas, Barcelona opened on June 29 1900 in Plaza d'España and Gran via de Les Corts Catalanes. Las Arenas was initially used for boxing or free fights until it was purchased by the rich entrepreneur Pedro Balañá Forts in 1927 who remodelled it into a bull fighting ring and occasional concert venue.

During the Civil War, the building was occupied by anti-fascist militias. Post civil war, Bullfights went on during the Franco era until the decline of bull fighting in the 1980s. Bullfights were completely banned in Catalunya in 2012.

Remodelling work started in 2009 where the original outer brickwork heritage façade was preserved and jacked up as a whole complete brickwork ring to insert the concrete and steel supporting structure underneath.

The underground levels and parking were excavated and constructed underneath the concrete supported brick outer ring. The inner structures and steelwork were next constructed finishing with a cupula roof. Designed by architects Alonso y Balaguer and British architect Richard Rogers with a remodelling cost 70 million euros.

The construction was completed in 2011 and opened as Las Arenas Centro Commercial shopping centre in March the same year.

Visiting Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre

Notable feautures are the 360 degree promenade on the roof which has many restaurants around the inside of the circular promenade. The viewpoint is FREE ACCESS via the interior escalator but a 4 euro fee is charged to use the exterior glass elevator. Also on the top roof viewing promendade is access to a large interior space which houses temporary exhibitions.

The roof Promenade goves excellent views of the Joan Miró WOan and bird sculpture in Parc Miró

The shopping centre also has a cinema with films dubbed in Spanish.

There is also a Metropolitan brand Gym and spa on the top floor.

The shopping centre has 116 shops comprising all the usual high street chains. For a complete list check the website.

Las Arenas Shopping mall Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10:00h to 21:00h Monday to Saturday for the shops and supermarkets.

Monday to Sunday:

Later opening hours closer to midnight for the cinema, rooftop viewpoint terrace, gym, temporary exhibitions and restaurants.

What to take with you for Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre

There are no restrictions on bags or pushchairs and the viewpoint is free to access. Access is step free from the street and all floors are connected by elevators.

Bicycle anchorage points outside Las Arenas shopping centre in Carrer de la Dipuatcion with Carrer de Llanca.

Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE Child T-familiar FREE Notes Monday to Saturday 10h - 21h. 4 Euro charge to ride the external glass elevator.

Getting to Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 373-385, Barcelona. 08015

Nearest TMB METRO is Plaza España on the green line (L3) and red Line (L1). The FGC Llobregat-Anoia lines also terminate in Plaza España.

Documents for Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre

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Wikiloc Trail for Barcelona Arenas Shopping Centre

BCN07 - La Modelo Prison - Parc Joan Miro - Arenas Shopping Centre

City walk in Barclona in the Eixampla Right area passing via La Modelo former prison museum, Park Joan Miro and Arenas former bull ring shopping complex at plaza Espana.

Distance: 4.41 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: T-Casual Zone 1

Transport Network: Metro

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