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Sagrada Família - Tickets, Visiting tips & History

Spectacular modernist gothic art nouveau major basilica, Gaudí's Barcelona cathedral. UNESCO World Heritage site. Info and image gallery

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About La Sagrada Família

The most famous and visited tourist attraction in Spain (with over 1.7 million visitors in 2019) resides in Barcelona. I am of course talking about La Sagrada Família 20th Century Antoni Gaudí Basilica that has been under construction since 1882.

Why is it taking so long to construct La Sagrada Família?

The short answer is that most cathedrals have taken 50 to 100 years to construct. Construction on La Sagrada Família was also interrupted by the Spanish Civil War, the unexpected death of Gaudí and a global Pandemic in 2019. For a more complete idea, below is an overview of the La Sagrada Família history and construction milestones.

Visiting La Sagrada Família

When you visit you will see instantly what was done under Gaudí because it is the darker coloured stone. The basilica had no roof or connecting walls between the two facades during the Gaudí era of construction.

Controversy surrounding use of modern materials

Often overlooked is that the original design by Gaudí used 20th Century construction tecniques of cut and carved stone where as the modern design uses steel reinforced concrete with stone cladding.

Due to many of the original plans being destroyed during the civil war questions have arisen about how faithful to Gaudí's original concept is the Sagrada Família's more modern 21st Century construction.

Construction is being sped up by the use of computer CAD programs and the use of CNC milling machines to carve stone rather than traditional stone masons with hand tools.

Is La Sagrada Família Worth visiting?

I have been to the Sagrada Família multiple times since 2005 and the parts that are getting finished are truly spectacular. When I first visited in 2005, the inside was scaffolding poles spaced half a metre apart and partially open to the sky. At that time the only noteworthy parts were the exterior passion and nativity facade and the tower visit. In 2005 I paid 8 euros!. I have since visited La Sagrada Familia in 2012 and 2020 and am awestruck by the detail and progess of the construction.

Since the interior roof has been complete, the tree like stone columns led your eyes up to a spectacular roof that is unique and something you will not see in any other basilica or cathedral in the world. The basilica interior has incredible beauty and a cavernous splendour with the The stained glass windows by master glazier Joan Vila-Grau in the Main Nave illuminate the interior in a kaleidoscope of colour that is breath-taking.

This is an unmissable attraction to see in Barcelona and you will be in awe from the moment you set eyes on the basilica from the street and many vantage points around Barcelona. If you need more convincing, check out the image gallery above.

The ticket prices are high but this is because the Construction project, managed by La Junta Constructora, is funded by the ticket sales so you will be contributing to the construction of a modern masterpiece!

Sagrada Família Tickets & Types of Tour

What to take with you for La Sagrada Família

Large rucksacks, suitcases and large bags are not permitted inside and there are no lockers. Pushchairs are permitted.

Disabled access is from Carrer de Marina. The Basilica provides wheelchairs for users. To request one, call +34 935 132 060 or at The wheelchair will be delivered at the entrance for people with disabilities.

The visit is on one level with the crypt being exclusively accessed by stairs. The tower visits are only via stairs and a narrow air bridge so not adapt for wheelchairs or push chairs.

Don't forget headphones for the audio guide phone app that you can download with the link in the online ticket purchase.

Bicycle anchorage points outside la Sagrada Família in Carrer de Mallorca with Carrer de Marina next to the metro station exit.

la Sagrada Família Desss Code for Visitors

Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 33.80 Seniors and students 2 euros discount Child T-familiar FREE for Under 11 years. Group/Family Ticket? 10+ People - See Website for group booking.Notes Under 16 Years must be accompanied by adult

Getting to La Sagrada Família

Address: Carrer de la Marina 253, Barcelona. 08013

Nearest TMB METRO is Sagrada Família which is on the Blue (L5) and Purple (L2) lines.

Documents for La Sagrada Família

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Wikiloc Trail for La Sagrada Família

BCN09. Sagrada Familia - Aveninda Gaudi - Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

A city walk in the Sagrada Familia area of Barcelona via La Sagrada Familia, Avenida Guidi and Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau.

Distance: 2.46 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: T-Casual Zone 1

Transport Network: Metro

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