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Discover Tibidabo mountain summit in Barcelona

7 things to do and see

Summit of the collserola sierra & historically a playground for the wealthy of Barcelona. A great city viewpoint with a family friendly theme park

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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

Description of Tibidabo

Tibidabo is the highest peak in the Sierra de Collserola mountain range behind Barcelona. It is famous mostly for the Tibidabo parc de atraciones amusement park inaugurated in 1901 but also boasts a Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor with tourist roof access to the viewpoint, the historic Fabra Observatory and the world famous Collserola telecoms tower with a viewing floor.

Tibidabo came into existence as a place for the wealthy citizens of Barcelona to escape the city. The Parc de atrracciones was built in 1899 by the entrepreneur Salvador Andreu as an extension of Avenida Tibidabo and comprises rides that are some of the oldest in the world that are still functioning. It is Spain's longest running amusement park and Europe's third oldest.

At about the same time in 1902 construction began on the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor. Construction was completed in 1961 and is today a minor basilica of the catholic church. Construction was delayed due to competition for the summit from the observatory.

Tibidabo once hosted a casino complex with its own rides. This is now a ruin.

There are multiple ways to get to Tibidabo depending on your budget.

Cheapest public transport option is to take the FGC from Plaza Catalunya to Peu de Funicular and change onto the Vallvidrera funicular which terminates in the mountain village of Vallvidrera. From here there is a 10 minute bus ride or 20 minute walk to Tibidabo. All these transport networks are part of the Barcelona integrated fare system so count as one trip on a travel card such as T-casual.

Expensive transport option is to use the FGC to go to Av.Tibidabo then transfer onto a TMB or TC2 bus to go to Plaza Doctor Andreu. (This bus section used to be covered by Tram Blau but it is currently closed for refurbishment) From plaza Doctor Andreu there is a Funicular that goes to Tibidabo amusement park. This is not part of the Barcelona integrated fare system but run privately by the amusement park and a return fare is 12 euros for adults with the TC2 bus included. They also sell integrated tickets for the funicular and entry into the amusement park.

Walking through Collserola Natural park. I have a couple of routes, one starting from FGC Av.Tibidabo which is a uphill route via forest paths and passing the Fabra Observatory. The other route from FGC Valvidrera Baixador passes via Vila Joana.

For a detailed drill down of each attraction and transport method, click on the images below.

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Attractions in Tibidabo

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