FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Vallvidrera Bus to Tibidabo
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FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Vallvidrera Bus to Tibidabo

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FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus

Summary: 1906 mountain railway from lower station at Peu del Funicular to Vallvidrera village near Tibidabo which is reachable via short 10 min bus ride or 30 min walk.

Address: Av. de Vallvidrera 72, Barcelona. 8017

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 0.00
Child T-familiar € 0.00
Group/Family Ticket: See TMB.cat website for family & Group Travelcards.
Notes: T-Casual Zone 1
Free day:


About FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus:

In 1906 the company running the Sarria railway line got the contract to build a funicular railway 736 metres long, to link the old village of Vallvidrera with Barcelona and save having to climb up the slope between the Vallvidrera road and the village.

The Funicular is a racked railway with the descending car serving as counterweight for the ascending car, both being linked by a cable. it is a short journey of a few minutes starting at the lower station - Vallvidrera inferior (which interconnects with Peu de Funicular) and ending at Valvidrera superior. Noteworthy upper station, with its curvy lines and central European decoration, that was designed and built by the architect Bonaventura Conill.

The funicular offers some spectacular views of the city, which get better as you climb towards Vallvidrera.

There are 4 Attractions Nearby:

Visiting FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus:

The funicular operates automatically after being remodelled in 1998. The Bus stop is outside the upper station turning left upon exiting.

The funicular links Pau de Funicular at the bottom with Valvidrera Superior at the top. There is a request stop half way up that exits onto carraterra de Aiguas. To request that the funicular stops when at carraterra de Aiguas, there are buttons next to the platform edge doors and you must push either Pau de Funicular or Valvidrera Superior depending where you want to go.

Getting To FGC Funicular Vallvidrera and Tibidabo Bus:

Currently, the cheapest way to get to Tibidabo is to take the Funicular de Vallvidrera to Vallvidrera superior then the 111 Bus or walk to Tibidabo.

The 111 Bus is operated by TMB. Peu de Funicular and the Funicular de valvidrera stations are on the FGC Valles lines.

The Alternative is to walk up from Avenida Tibidabo or get the Tibidabo Funicular for 12 Euros return.

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There are 3 PDf documents:

Public Transport map Tibidabo

PDF: Public Transport map Tibidabo
Author: Barcelona Travel Hacks

Metro map Tibidabo

PDF: Metro map Tibidabo
Author: www.tmb.cat

FGC Funicular Valvidrera Timetable

PDF: FGC Funicular Valvidrera Timetable
Author: www.fgc.cat


BCN02 - Tibidabo

Circular route covering the attractions of Tibidabo - Funiculars Tibidabo and vallvidrera, Torre Collserola, Tibidabo church, Parc de Atracciones and Fabra Observatori.

Distance: 5.39 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: T-Casual Zone 1

Transport Network: Barcelona Metro

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