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Things to do and see in Parc Collserola forest natural park

7 things to do and see

Park Collserola is an 84.65 square Km forested natural park with easy hiking and cycling trails behind the city often refered to as the lungs of Barcelona.

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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

Description of Parc Collserola

Behind Barcelona is the sierra de Collserola mountain range and the 84.65 square Kilometer Collserola parc natural where there lies a wealth of woodland, fields and rivers in a protected park with a wide variety of Mediterranean flora and fauna. Collserola is often referred to as the lungs of Barcelona.

Carretera de les Aigues is a walking, running and cycling path on the city side of collserola parc below the ridgeline that has purpose-built viewing points for superb views of the city. Collserola also contains traces of early settlements, including the Iberian village of Serra del Moro, the Gothic castles of Castellciuro and El Papiol, old farmhouses, such as the famous Villa Joana, abundant natural springs, including La Budellera and an abandoned casino hotel complex. Collserola was also mined heavily for natural stone and aggregate used for construction.

I have multiple walking routes through the parc that explore many of the natural wonders and man-made ruins. Each item contains a wikiloc walking route and information about how to get there via train.

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Attractions in Parc Collserola

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