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Medieval Rupit Village with Waterfalls & Cliffs Hike

Easy 11Km circular hike from Rupit via Sallent 100m waterfall, Cingles de Castellet cliffs and Castell De l'Envestida viewpoint

Updated: Aug 9, 2023 by: Barcelona Travel Hacks Views: 965

About Medieval Rupit waterfalls and cliffs hike

This is an easy hiking route starting from the parking of Rupit village and crossing the Rupit suspension footbridge to cross Rupit river and leave the village via a footpath descending from Rupit Plaça Major.

The route follows a footpath parallel to Rupit river behind the village with views up of the ancient walls and church tower. Along the forested path there are several viewpoints of small waterfalls of about one to five metres in height before arriving at a river ford and rock formation that is the top of the 100 metre salt de Sallent waterfall.

It is possible to stand on the overhanging rock of the waterfall for spectacular views of the 100m drop and the carved valley of the river far below. Exercise extreme caution here because if you fall over the edge, the 100m drop will kill you.

After this viewpoint the path continues to the left of the waterfall to a viewpoint looking at the salt de Sallent waterfall, Mirador del Salt de Sallent that has a safety handrail as well as giving a 180 degree view from the waterfall round the river valley.

Follow the path/rural track parallel to the Cingles de Pujolras cliffs crossing the torrent de Grovet river and staying on the path parallel to the Cingles de Castellet cliffs. When you get to an open meadow, possibly with cows in it there are points where you can get close to the top of the Cingles de Castellet cliffs and see birds of prey flying from their nests in the cliff face.

The path from this meadow arrives at a T junction and we take the left branch up to the Castellet farmhouse and following the farm rural track away from the farmhouse. Again the route crosses the torrent de Grovet river and takes a climbing forested footpath onto a gradually inclining footpath towards Castell De l'Envestida viewpoint. This is a 996m high peek with spectacular views of the landscape.

At Castell De l'Envestida viewpoint it is possible, like the waterfall, to stand on the overhanging rock and look down but exercise extreme caution because if you fall over the edge, the drop will kill you. Although is is called a castle, I could find no remains of an actual castle, more likely this refers to the shape of the rocks and its dominating position on the landscape.

From Castell De l'Envestida the route down is via a forested footpath to Can Cames Farmhouse then a rural track to Santa Lucia hostel and returning to Rupit Village.