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Summary for Sant Caterina Market

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"Sant Caterina Market"

Food market from 1848 with remodelled roof (2005) by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue. contains a small display area preserving historic ruins.

Address: Av. de Francesc Cambo 19-25, Barcelona. 08003

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Adult Zone 1 T-casual Free
Child Free
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About Sant Caterina Market

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In 1835 the convent was demolished to create space for the Market. The square of Santa Caterina was formerly called the square of the Carts, in which a pitcher fair was held on the day of Sant Domanec. The monks of Santa Caterina had a well in the cloister, the mouth of which disappeared in one of the old renovations of the Market. The water in that well was considered miraculous to cure malaria and in order to prevent the water from being polluted, a pitcher was used fetch the water, which is why the pitcher fair was set up.

The market began in 1844 and was inaugurated in 1848 after a royal decree granted the Barcelona City Council old ecclesiastical land to proceed with its construction. The architect was Josep Mas Vila. He drew up an ambitious first project that would far exceed the squares and markets that existed at the time in Plaza del Born and Plaza de Sant Josep de la Boqueria but this plan was never constructed as it required the acquisition of adjacent land.

Nevertheless, the Market began, provisionally, In 1846 with a fishmonger's shop and several stalls. During the post civil war period, in the 1940s, it was the centre of supply for the local population and neighbouring towns of Sant Adria de Besos, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Badalona, El Masnou, Mataro. People travelled to the market with the trams that terminated in Carrer de Trafalgar and Ronda de Sant Pere.

The last renovation project to add the roof was awarded to the team of architects of EMBT (Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliablue) and was "an ambitious proposal that goes beyond the rehabilitation and conservation of the market building, betting on a global revitalization of the market and its surroundings with a burst of colours and shapes.

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Visiting Sant Caterina Market

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A modernisation refurbishment was completed in 2005 by architecs Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue. The renovation included the addition of an undulating roof supported by timber beams. The roof is tiles in 325,000 pieces of bright ceramic designed to represent the colours of the fruit and vegetables sold below. The old porticoed facade, rebuilt in 1988, and the side walls have been preserved from the old building, while the south facade of glass pannels is from the 2005 refurbishment.

In the South corner of the market, there is a small display with exposed ruins of the former monastery and some information boards about the history of the area.

Santa Caterina market opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 07:30h to 15:30h.

Friday: 07:30h to 20:00h.

Saturday: 08:00h to 15:00h.

Getting To Sant Caterina Market

Nearest TMB Metro is Jaume on the yellow (L4) line.

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