Franca Station last survivng surface mainline station
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Franca Station last survivng surface mainline station

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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

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Franca Railway Station Barcelona

Summary: Rebuilt for 1929 International Exhibition by architect Pedro Muguruza with grand concourse. Last remaining Mainline surface railway station in Barcelona.

Address: Av. del Marquus de l'Argentera S/N, Barcelona. 08003

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE
Child T-familiar FREE
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: free ticket hall access.
Free day:


About Franca Railway Station Barcelona:

A railway station was first built here in the 19th century as the main terminus for trains arriving from France and for services to North East Catalonia and the Costa Brava. Rebuilt and reopened for the 1929 International Exhibition, the two monumental buildings that make up the station were designed by the architect Pedro Muguruza and inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII.

The station was closed for renovation between from 1988 and 1992, reopening for the Olympic Games of 1992. It is generally seen as the city's most beautiful station being the last of the surface mainline stations. Nowdays the Station is suffering from passenger decline due to international and long-distance trains now passing through Sants and there are plans to cease rail services to this station.

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Visiting Franca Railway Station Barcelona:

It is possible to visit the concourse and platforms without a train ticket. However a valid train ticket is needed for any train journeys from here and if you are using this station as a departure or arrival point then you should validate your ticket in the machines in the arches between concourse and platforms.

Getting To Franca Railway Station Barcelona:

Nearest TMB Metro is Barceloneta on the yellow (L3) line. Estacion de Franca is also the terminus for Renfe Roadlies and Regional Express Rail services.

Weather for Barcelona:

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Barceloneta Street map

PDF: Barceloneta Street map
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Barceloneta Metro Map

PDF: Barceloneta Metro Map


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