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Guide of Gracia Neighbourhood Barcelona

4 things to do and see

Gracia was an independent village outside of Barcelona until absorbed by La Eixampla expansion. Famous for its summer street festival

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Description of Barcelona Gracia Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Gracia is on top of the Passeig de Gracia area of La Eixampla and has the atmosphere of a self contained village within the city of Barcelona. After Avenida diagonal, passeig de Gracia transforms into Gran de Gracia which is the main thoroughfare to Gracia and Plaza Lesseps. Gracia is predominately pedestrianised streets and a great place in the city to walk around.

Gracia was an independent town until the late 19th century when the Eixampla housing expansion swallowed Gracia into the larger Barcelona metropolitan area. Today Gracia is a mixed neighbourhood with traditional Catalan families, elderly residents and younger people. The area is also popular with artists and has a bohemian vibe although this is disappearing because of gentrification.

What to do and see in Gracia

My two favorite squares in Gracia are Plaza Virriena and Placa de la vila de Gracia. Plaza de Sol is also well known as a place to hang out because it is lined with terrace cafes and at night a place to drink and be merry.

Gaudi received his first commission to build a house, casa Vincens, in Gracia. Gracia also has one of only two surviving air raid shelters From the Spainish Civil war (1936 to 1939) in Plaza del Diamant.

Within the pedestrianised centre of Gracia is Calle Verdi which is a mixture of cafes, bars and fashion boutiques. This street runs from the top of Gracia Near Plaza Lesseps down to the market square and Plaza de la Revolucio.

In Gracia you can also find many vegan supermarkets and specialty international food shops.

Gracia is also well-known for its fiesta major de Gracia which is held for a week in August and sees the locals competing for the title of best street decoration. The results are usually spectacular and thematic, and at night the festival comes alive with drinks stalls and stages of live music of every variety.

Just outside of the Gracia Neighbourhood is Parc Guell.

My pick of places to eat and drink in Gracia

I lived in Gracia for three years and this is my list of Places to Eat and drink.

Pizzeria Lucania II in Carrer de Terol where you can order pizza by the slice.

For a three course meal I recommend Cadaques restaurant or Nou Candanchu restaurant in Plaza de la Vila.

in Plaza de la revolucion, La Cerveseria is open from breakfast till dinner for food and drinks and has a great vibe and Pepa Tomate Gracia, offers traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

My favorite bars in Gracia are El Cafe Rock&Roll, A small bar that is famous for live music. Teatreneu is a local community theatre which has a lavishly decorated bar on the ground floor. Bar Canigo on the corner of Calle Verdi with Plaza Revolucio, is one of Barcelona's oldest bars and has a great multinational vibe.

Getting to Gracia Neighbourhood

The green metro line (L3) runs underneath Gran de Gracia, the most popular stop being Fontana or Lesseps. Metro Diagonal on the green (L3) and Blue (L5) lines stops at the bottom left corner of Gracia. On the other side of Graica, the yellow line (L4) passes via gracia with a stop at Joanic.

For a detailed breakdown of the attractions in Gracia, click on any of the images below.

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Attractions in Barcelona Gracia Neighbourhood

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