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Parc de la Barceloneta former gas factory

Barceloneta beach front park that was till 1989 a gas production factory and contains decorative water tower as well as the gas storage tank remains.

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About Parc de la Barceloneta former gas factory

Catalana de Gas S.A. was a Catalan company based in Barcelona that manufactured and distributed lighting gas, town gas and natural gas as well as electricity generation. The company merged with Gas Madrid in 1991 with the conglomerate being renamed Gas Natural.

Catalana de Gas S.A was founded in 1843 and started selling gas for lighting the city of Barcelona. It was the first company in Spain to manufacture town gas from coal and has been listed on the stock market since 1853. At the beginning of the 20th century the business shifted towards the electricity sector changing name to Catalana de Gas y Electricidad.

In the 1960s the business moved back to the gas sector, abandoning the electricity generation business, substituting coal for naphtha (a flammable oil containing various hydrocarbons) in the town gas manufacturing process and beginning its expansion outside of Catalonia with the acquisition of the Compania Espanola de Gas operating in Cantabria, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

At the end of the 1960s natural gas began to arrive in Spain for the first time from Algeria by boat which required the construction of piers to unload the gas. by the 1980's Natural gas, imported from Algeria progressively replaced the manufacture of town gas. Parc de la Barceloneta lies on the site of the former Catalana de Gas factory that which was demolished in 1989.

Visiting Parc de la Barceloneta former gas factory

The park is a mix of concrete space for sports, divided by green spaces with trees and grass. There is also a football pitch in the park.

The park contains monuments that hint at the sites former use as a gas factory such as Torre de les Aigues de la Catalana de Gas - a decorative water tower (from 1905) designed by modernist architect Josep Domenech i Estapa that served the gas factory. The gas storage tank is also preserved and now paved over and used as a sports space.

What was the administrative and management offices of the gas factory designed by Josep Domenech i Estapa (from 1907) is also preserved. Today it houses Fabrica del Sol "Sun Factory" and is a Sustainable Resources Centre, whose facilities are dedicated to environmental education.

Extending beyond the park into the beach the piers are now large breakwaters popular with fishermen. In the middle of the piers is an outdoor gym.

The park is not fenced or gated so open all year round at all times. It is park more for practicing sports than chilled picnics. The water tower is not open for interior visits.

Accessibility, mobility & Clothing for Parc de la Barceloneta former gas factory

This park has ramps for any changes in level.

There is bicycle anchorage in the park although this part of town is famous for pickpockets and a bicycle theft. Even if chained up, it may get stolen.

Remember that beachwear is not permitted to walk around the streets of Barcelona. so if you stray to far from the beach you in a bikini or without a t-shirt you may get fined.

The gas storage is now a basketball area with hoops.

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Getting to Parc de la Barceloneta former gas factory

Address: Passeig Martim de la Barceloneta 15-21, Barcelona. 08003

Nearest TMB Metro is Barceloneta or Ciutadella Vila Olimpica on the yellow (L4) line and Renfe Estacio de Franca

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