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Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

Built as a TV transmission hub for the 1992 Olympic venues. One floor is a panoramic viewpoint. Tickets and visit info

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About Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

Torre Collserola is a Hilltop Telecommunications tower with a visitor space on one floor of the unusual pod shaped design, offering city wide 360 degree panoramic views via the floor to ceiling windows. El Mirador de Collserola.

Collserola tower was designed by architect Sir Norman Foster and Spanish civil Engineers Julio Martínez Calzón and Manuel Julia Vilardell. The motivation to build the Collserola tower was to provide a central point to give Barcelona city and surrounding areas full TV coverage with no black spots from any of the small hills. Also it served as a hub to relay the 1992 Olympic games to the whole world via satellite uplink.

Unusual about it's design is that on each floor are racks of telecoms equipment for the point to point and cellular systems with the antennas on the outside platforms of the structure.

The TV transmissions are generated in the basement level and relayed to the needle like TV antenna at the top of the tower via RF feeder cables.

Visiting Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

To book an escorted visit to the glass panelled viewing floor use the link. It is best to book in advance as places are limited. Visits are only on the weekends and there are two guided tours a day. The first is at 12 noon and the second at 12.30 noon.

The ascent to the viewing platform is via a glass panelled elevator that runs up the exterior of the central column of the tower.

The guided tour visit allows about 45 minutes of time up on the viewpoint floor which is plenty of time to enjoy the views from all three sides. Each floor, including the Viewpoint floor has a Toilet. Amazing to think that the design included the installation of these facilities.

Note that for the guided visit access is not via the main gate with the security cabin but via a tourist entrance following the cobbled path down behind the structure parallel with the forest.

See the Wikiloc map section where I have added a waypoint for the tourist access.

Note: Torre Collserola has temporarily suspended tourist visits to the panoramic viewing floor but is still a spectacular sight when viewed from the outside.

Accessibility, mobility & Clothing for Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

Access to the viewpoint is via a small glass lift of capacity 10 people approximately so only go with a small bag.

There are no bicycle anchorage points outside the tour entrance to Torre Collserola although you could chain your bike to the fence.

From street level the entrance is step free with a ramp leading to the base of the tower where there is a lift to the viewpoint floor.

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Summary of Prices

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information Adult Zone 1 T-casual € 5.60 Child T-familiar FREE For under 3 YearsGroup/Family Ticket? 15+ People - See Website.Notes Limited opening hours. best to book online via website.

Getting to Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

Address: Cami de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo, Barcelona. 08035

Torre Collserola can be found in Camí de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo between Vallvidrera village and Tibidabo Summit and there are two funicular options or two walking routes.

  1. Cheapest public transport option: is to take the FGC from Plaza Catalunya to Peu de Funicular and change onto the Vallvidrera funicular which terminates in the mountain village of Vallvidrera. From here there is a 8 minute bus ride or 15 minute walk to Torre Collserola. All these transport networks are part of the Barcelona TMB integrated fare system so count as one trip on a travel card such as T-casual or Hola BCN card. There is no need to buy a separate ticket for train, metro, or bus. I recommend Walking From Vallvidrera Funicular because of the views of Barcelona city.

  2. Expensive transport option: is to use the FGC brown line (L7) to go to Av.Tibidabo then transfer onto a TMB or TC2 bus to go to Plaza Doctor Andreu. (This bus section used to be covered by Tram Blau but it is currently closed for refurbishment.) From plaza Doctor Andreu the Funicular de Tibidabo (Cuca de Llum) runs to Tibidabo amusement park (Parc d'Atraccions del Tibidabo). The Funicular de Tibidabo is not part of the Barcelona integrated fare system but run privately by the amusement park and a return fare is about 12 euros for adults with the TC2 interconnect bus included. They also sell integrated tickets for the funicular and entry into the amusement park. Torre Collserola is a short 10 minute walk from Tibidabo.

  3. Walk via Parc Collserola: from Barcelona to Tibidabo via Fabra Observatory.

  4. Walk via Parc Collserola: from FGC Valvidrera Baixador station via Vila Joana.

Documents for Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

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Public Transport map Tibidabo

Author: Barcelona Travel Hacks


Metro map Tibidabo



FGC Funicular Valvidrera Timetable



Walking Map Torre Collserola

Author: Barcelona Travel Hacks

Wikiloc Trail for Torre Collserola Viewpoint Visits

BCN02 - Tibidabo

Circular route covering the attractions of Tibidabo - Funiculars Tibidabo and vallvidrera, Torre Collserola, Tibidabo church, Parc de Atracciones and Fabra Observatori.

Distance: 5.39 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: T-Casual Zone 1

Transport Network: Barcelona Metro

Weather for Barcelona

Mountain Forecast weather for Tibidabo

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