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Summary for Avenida Tibidabo

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"Avenida Tibidabo"

Avenue from Plaza John F Kennedy to foot of the Collserola hills that has many former grand modernist houses. Most are converted to private medical clinics.

Address: Avenida Tibidabo, Barcelona. 08022

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Adult Zone 1 T-casual N/A
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About Avenida Tibidabo

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Avinguda del Tibidabo runs from the Plaza de John F. Kennedy to the foot of the Parc de la Font del Raca on the foot of Tibidabo mountain. The residential project was the idea of Dr. Salvador Andreu, an entrepreneurial chemist who envisioned a broad tree-lined avenue of luxurious buildings orientated towards his amusement park at Tibidabo.

The land upon which the avenue was built had been a vineyard and was bought by Dr. Andreu's Tibidabo Corporation in the 1900's in order to develop the approach to the amusement park as a residential area for the wealthiest inhabitants of the city. The Tramvia Blau, (currently being refurbished) was inaugurated in 1901 at Andreu's request to link Carrer de Balmes with the Tibidabo Funicular.

Today, many of the houses are now private medical clinics, and a few Embassies. At the bottom is a recently restored building called La Rotonda. It is not open to the public but there are restaurants on the ground floor.

There are 4 Nearby Attractions

"Sant Gervasi I Bonanova Church"

Sant Gervasi I Bonanova Church

1962 Modern church (Architect Josep Danes Torras and later Joaquim Porqueras Baneres) In the style of a roman temple with incredible ceiling and arches.
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"Torre Bellesguard Castle House"

Torre Bellesguard Castle House

Private residence, ornate garden, guided house tour. Remodelled by Antoni Guadi, including medieval castle ruins of Martin I the Humane, King of Aragon.
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"CosmoCaixa Science Museum"

CosmoCaixa Science Museum

Child friendly science museum located in a vast modern space with 1909 Facade by architect Josep Domenech i Estapa. European Museum of the Year in 2006.
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"Tamarita Gardens"

Tamarita Gardens

Former manor gardens of wealthy cotton merchant abandoned after the civil war. Opened to public 1995. Features are the ponds, fountains and marble statues.
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Visiting Avenida Tibidabo

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Notable masterpieces of modernist arcitecture in Avenida Tibidabo.

Torre Andreu La Rotonda

Recently refurbished in 2019, this building has a beutiful ochre stucco facade with decorative wrought-iron balconies and window frames. On the roof is a stunningly ornate tower pagoda that is best seen from the FGC Aveninda tibidabo station exit. The building was constructed in 1906 by architect Adolf Ruiz i Casamitjana. The ornate pagoda was added in 1918 by architect Enric Sagnier. Formally a luxury hotel named La Rotonda but by the 1970s had fallen into disrepair and was facing demolition.

Designated a Historical Monument of Barcelona in 1976 and so saved from demolition however nobody was sure what to do with the building so reconstruction was delayed. Today the bulding has shops and restaurants on the ground floor with the remaining floors being private offices. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to visit the interior but can be viewed and appreciated from the street.

Aveninda Tibidabo 2-4 barcelona. 08022.

Torre Ignacio Portabella

Grand Vila by master builder Jose Perez Terraza constructed 1905. Ochre stucco stone facade with beautiful frescoes around the windows of the upper floor. Private residence so can only be viewed from the outside.

Aveninda Tibidabo 27 barcelona. 08022.

Casa Roviralta Frare Blanc

White Vila with red brick window frames and balconies designed by architect Joan Rubio and built 193 to 1913 on the site of a farmhouse which had belonged to a Dominican convent. The buildings nickname Frare Blanc means white friar. Today it houses the restaurant El Asador de Aranda, famous for meats slow-cooked to a traditional method in wood burning ovens. You can appreciate the interior of this building by eating there for lunch.

Aveninda Tibidabo 31 barcelona. 08022.

Getting To Avenida Tibidabo

Nearest FGC is Avenida Tibidabo on the brown (L7) line.

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Metro Map Sant Gervasi Area PDF: Metro Map Sant Gervasi Area

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