Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument with golden charriot
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Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument with golden charriot

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Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument

Summary: Park with gold topped chariot waterfall monument, built for the 1888 Universal Exposition. Park was built on the site of huge demolished citadel fortress.

Address: Parc De la Cuitadella S/N, Barcelona. 08003

Summary of Prices:

Train/Bus Fare Entry Ticket Additional Information
Adult Zone 1 T-casual FREE
Child T-familiar FREE
Group/Family Ticket:
Notes: No Access to interior of monument.
Free day:


About Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument:

In 1714, during the war of the Spanish succession, Barcelona was laid siege for thirteen months by the army of Philip V of Spain. The city fell, and in order to maintain control over it, and to prevent the Catalans from rebelling as they had in the previous century, Philip V built the citadel of Barcelona, at that time the largest fortress in Europe.

A substantial part of the district it was constructed in (La Ribera) was destroyed to obtain the necessary space, leaving its inhabitants homeless. The fortress was characterised by having five corners, which gave the citadel defensive power with a long defensive perimeter allowing the placement of many cannons. It included enough buildings to garrison 8,000 troops.

Hundreds of Catalans were forced to work on the construction for three years, while the rest of the city provided financial backing for this and for warfare-related expenses as well, with a new tax named el cadastre. Three decades later a quarter was rebuilt around the fortress named Barceloneta.

In 1841 the city's authorities decided to destroy the fortress, which was hated by Barcelona's citizens. Yet two years later, in 1843, under the regime of Maria Cristina, the citadel was restored. In 1848, after Maria Cristina's abdication and as the citadel lost its use, General Espartero razed most of the buildings within the fortress as well as its walls by bombarding it from the nearby mountain fortress Montjuic, which helped him gain political popularity.

By 1869, as the political climate liberalised enough to permit it, General prim decided to turn over what was left of the fortress to the city and some buildings were demolished under Catalan orders, for it was viewed as by the citizens as a much-hated symbol of central Spanish government.

A few buildings remain from the old citadel fortress, the rest being turned into a park for the 1888 universal exposition.

4 Historic photos of Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument:

Historic Citadel Fortress Historic Citadel Fortress

Historic Citadel Fortress

Barcelona Historic map Barcelona Historic map

Barcelona Historic map

Historic Citadel Fortress Historic Citadel Fortress

Historic Citadel Fortress

Historic Citadel Fortress Historic Citadel Fortress

Historic Citadel Fortress

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Visiting Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument:

parc de Cuitadella is open every day from 08 to 22:30h.

The waterfall (cascade in Spanish) was first inaugurated in 1881 without sculptures and was criticised by the press. The monument was amended by the addition of a fountain and some minor sculptures and was on display for the universal exposition of 1888. It was erected by Josep Fontsere with small contributions by Antonio Gaudi who was an architectural student at the time. Fontsere loosely made it to bear resemblance to the Trevi fountain of Rome. The stairs to either side are like enormous crab pincers which serve to access a small podium in the centre with a sculpture of Venus standing on an open clam. (designed by Venanci Vallmitana)

Quadriga de la'Aurora, Designed by sculptor Rossend Nobas from wrought iron and originally with a thin layer of gold. Cast in Iron by Alejandro Wohlguemuth in 1888 from the original plaster sculpture the final weight was calculated at 30 tons so Elijah Rogent, director of the works of the park since 1886, had to reinforce the structure of the cascade to support the sculpture.

The park's bandstand, Glorieta de la Transsexual Sonia, is dedicated to a transsexual, Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, who was murdered there on 6 October 1991 by right-wing extremists.

parc Cuitadella has a boating lake in the middle and rent small paddle boats.

24th march to 22nd September: All days including public holidays, 10:00h to 21:00h.

23rd September to March 21st: All days including public holidays, 10:00h to 18:00h.

Prices: 6.00 Euros for 2 people for half an hour. 9.00 Euros for three people, 10.00 Euros for 4 or 5 people, 2 euros per person for groups of 20+ people.

Getting To Parc Cuitadella and Waterfall Monument:

Nearest TMB Metro is arc de triumfo on the red (L1) line and on the Renfe RODALIES train network. Also Estacio de Franca on the Renfe RODALIES and REGIONAL is nearby.

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Street Map Cuitadella - La Ribera

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Arc de Triomf Metro Map

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BCN03 - Arc de Triomf, Citadella Park, Zoo, La Ribera

Circular city walk in Barcelona via Arc de Triumf, Par cuitadella, Catalan Parliament, Barcelona Zoo, Born Cultural Centre, Chocolate museum and abandoned monastaery.

Distance: 3.96 Km

Difficulty: Easy

Return Travel Fare: T-Casual Zone 1

Transport Network: Barcelona Metro

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