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Things to do and see at Montjuic mountain in Barcelona

18 things to do and see

Montjuic, Jewish mountain, was farmland and settlements until the Jews were evicted to quarry the mountain & landscape it for the 1889 world Exhibition.

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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

by: Barcelona Travel Hacks

Description of Montjuic

Montjuic, "Jewish Mountain", is the mountain behind the port of Barcelona with the fortress at the top. Historically Montjuic was a jewish settlement and farmland but was transformed because of two events in Barcelona, The 1929 International Exposition and the 1992 Olympics.

The 1929 International Exposition brought about the building of the Barcelona Pavilions (Fira 1), The magic fountains and at the top the spectacular Palau Nacional (MNAC). The mountain was extensively landscaped to make the Mediterranean Montjuic gardens and the quarries that provided the stone were converted into a Greek Theatre and Historic botanical garden. On the lower slopes of Montjuic a replca walled village was constructed called Poble Espanol to illustrate some important Spanish architecture and the different styles used in the different autonomous regions of Spain. It houses craft shops, workshops and many varied restaurants and cafes.

The 1992 Olympics transformed the upper parts of Montjuic with the creation of the Olympic Stadium and Palau Sant Jordi arena. The Olympic diving swimming pools "piscinas de salto" were also constructed and open to the public in summer with amazing views over the city. Behind the Olympic sadium is a modern Botanical Garden that is part of the sciences museum of Barcelona.

The far side of Montjuic also has a historic cemetery which is still in use today. Within the cemetery is the Historic Funeral Carriages Museum.

Montjuic is linked to Barceloneta from the Mirador de Miramar (sea viewpoint) via a red cable car that goes over the port of Barcelona. Montjuic is also served by a funicular from Parallel to the Olympic diving pools. From here there is a cable car to Montjuic castle. Also the MNAC, Magic fountains, Poble Espanol, Montjuic gardens and Caixa Forum are within easy walking distance of metro and FGC plaza Espana station. The 150 bus from plaza Espana runs a route which passes via most of the attractions in montjuic.

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Attractions in Montjuic

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